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  1. I’ll confirm this is also the case for Western.
  2. I agree with Eudaimonia. I think there were only 1-2 entries in my application that I used all the characters because they needed explaining. But otherwise most of mine were not even close to the limits.
  3. If it helps at all my wife and I just got in to a 4 year Med program to start this coming fall and will both be starting at the age of 28. Age is just a number. In my previous PT class we had people ranging from ages 22-40 and everybody fit in perfectly! I found that the “older” classmates had a lot more life experience and could offer a much greater perspective on things while in school.
  4. ACCEPTED IP GPA: 3.9 MCAT: 515 ECs: Felt that they were quite strong given I am a current health care provider, with research publications and active volunteering in multiple healthcare settings. Interview: Felt confident at the end of the MMI. Overall it was a great experience. I'm very excited to meet everyone in August.
  5. I can confirm it was only 1 from my verifiers.
  6. I can’t speak for all schools but it was my understanding that most are heading towards primarily taking PhD PT’s for faculty positions. So if that is your goal a PhD would help. But obviously being faculty typically comes with a mandate to do research. If you are happy to just do clinical lab sessions then the masters is all you need. In my experience the PhD makes no real difference to clinical practice regardless of the setting you are most interested in. I have PhD classmates and MscPT classmates in similar positions both private clinics and hospital/rehab.
  7. I felt pretty good about it all. I didn’t feel like there were any huge curveball questions, and all of the interviewers were quite receptive and open creating a great dialogue at each station. Overall, it was a fun experience.
  8. Time stamp: 1:13 AST Result: Invite! wGPA: 3.9 MCAT: 515 EC's: Varied. My strongest section will be employment as I am a current health care provider. Also have multiple publications and health related volunteer activities. Essay: Feel good about it. Had multiple sources review it. Year: Non-student, with a masters in physiotherapy IP/OOP: IP
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