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  1. medicineballislife

    Queens MD Invites/Regrets 2018

    Result: Regrets :') Time Stamp: Jan 31st, 3:06 pm (EST) wGPA: 3.51 Year: Graduated BSc MCAT: 123/123/123/126 (***I wrote the last September date so I didn't know my score going in...) ECs: Very confident. 4 pubs, research coordinator and founder of a clinical health tech tool, tons of meaningful community and university volunteer work aligning with all the CanMEDS roles. Geography: IP Already planned to rewrite the MCAT, didn't have high expectations this cycle. I'll be back with more experience and a killer score!
  2. medicineballislife

    Masters before UofT Med

    @redwan @Canadian_Med_Dream @adhominem @Meridian Are there any course-based masters in Ontario that even provide enough research opportunities in a year? Enough to be granted graduate review?
  3. medicineballislife

    2017 Application cycle stats

    Minimum GPA accepted in 2017 was 3.66 and we can't assume that it's a graduate GPA...
  4. medicineballislife

    Lower GPA acceptances?

    Interesting...I feel like this is the minimum accepted wGPA of combining both undergrad + grad applicants. Would be nice to know the stats of both applicant pools (especially the minimum accepted wGPA for undergrads in 2017)
  5. medicineballislife

    Lower GPA acceptances?

    @Hammmmmy @sandorclegane what are your thoughts on interview chances for an undergrad wGPA of 3.79 (messed up the first year due to extenuating circumstances - definitely writing the AEE or I won't get the wGPA) with super strong ECs/ABS & essays?