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  1. They better!!! we all need to give feedback during their 2020 Admissions Cycle Recap. Admissions Cycle Recap Session on June 23, 2020, from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. EDT (webinar details TBA) - likely on Facebook or Zoom
  2. But has anyone actually emailed UofT Med Admissions to figure out additional details? medicine.admiss@utoronto.ca honestly we could ALL be wrong depending on how you interpret the grammar lol..stop for a moment, what if they are allowing 2.0 FCE removed PER year? And we're all just hysterical? Re-read the sentences a few times.... They really should've been more clear especially during this pandemic. Weighted GPA Calculation (for applicants enrolled in fourth year of undergraduate studies or higher): EXISTING: Eligible to drop 3.0 or more FCEs of lowest grades if they have taken a full course load during the regular academic year (September to April for most programs) in each year of their undergraduate studies. The number of dropped FCEs is equivalent to the number of undergraduate years completed. NEW: Eligible to drop 2.0 FCEs of lowest grades if they have taken a full course load during the regular academic year (September to April of most programs) in each year of their undergraduate studies.
  3. Since this is a three phased change to their admissions...maybe they plan to lower the GPA cutoff for Phase 3? That would make sense to me
  4. UofT: Hey, we're decreasing MCAT threshold. Stay tuned for Phase 2. Me: Sweeeeet, thanks for leveling the playing field bro! I won't have to retake and struggle financially to improve that one section. UofT: Hey uhh...we know it's late for Phase 2 changes...but we're lowering the benefits from the wGPA as of July 1. We ASSURE you that this is in line with your changing student experiences and needs during the pandemic. Me: ???? WTF? How did you come to this conclusion? I graduated LAST year! I'm no longer competitive thanks to this change.
  5. Result: Regrets :') Time Stamp: Jan 31st, 3:06 pm (EST) wGPA: 3.51 Year: Graduated BSc MCAT: 123/123/123/126 (***I wrote the last September date so I didn't know my score going in...) ECs: Very confident. 4 pubs, research coordinator and founder of a clinical health tech tool, tons of meaningful community and university volunteer work aligning with all the CanMEDS roles. Geography: IP Already planned to rewrite the MCAT, didn't have high expectations this cycle. I'll be back with more experience and a killer score!
  6. Minimum GPA accepted in 2017 was 3.66 and we can't assume that it's a graduate GPA...
  7. Interesting...I feel like this is the minimum accepted wGPA of combining both undergrad + grad applicants. Would be nice to know the stats of both applicant pools (especially the minimum accepted wGPA for undergrads in 2017)
  8. @Hammmmmy @sandorclegane what are your thoughts on interview chances for an undergrad wGPA of 3.79 (messed up the first year due to extenuating circumstances - definitely writing the AEE or I won't get the wGPA) with super strong ECs/ABS & essays?
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