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  1. Mon autre question est : Comment se passe la transition du français à l'anglais ? Pensez-vous que je serai capable d'avoir une bonne Cote R dans les cours d'anglais langue première et dans les cours de philosophie? Connaissez-vous des gens qui ont fortement regretté avoir fréquenté un CÉGEP anglophone ou qui, au contraire, n'ont eu aucune difficulté à figurer dans les premiers de leur classe dans un CÉGEP anglophone malgré la transition ? J'ai eu 94% comme note finale avec 100% en écriture, mais il faut aussi dire que la moyenne de la classe est de 86... Soit notre professeur ne notait pas très strictement, soit la classe excellait en anglais. Je crois que la première option est plus plausible. Le choix de la langue me stresse beaucoup, au point où je pense prendre des cours d'anglais cet été et tout au long de l'année prochaine pour pouvoir survivre au cégep anglais. Je ne veux vraiment pas ficher en l'air certaines sessions au CÉGEP, puisque je tiens vraiment à la terminer en 2 ans. La plupart des gens me disent qu'il ne faut pas que je m'en fasse, que les cours d'anglais sont faciles, etc. Mais d'autres personnes me disent qu'il faut être très bon pour avoir 90%+ et se démarquer. Je ne sais pas qui croire.
  2. Premièrement, je vous remercie pour toutes vos réponses . Ça m'aide beaucoup. Je comprends que la plupart d'entre vous conseillez le cégep le plus proche, soit Dawson. Je crois avoir fait mon choix @im_edgy_asf désolée, mais je ne trouve pas qu'il soit trop tôt pour moi de penser au CÉGEP. Je ne crois pas que @Symphonie ait dit quelque chose de faux, je ne vois pas pourquoi vous êtes fixés sur elle. @Pharmatudiant n'a rien dit de faux non plus. Merci d'avoir partagé différentes expériences pour m'offrir différents points de vue. @Révolue je suis d'accord avec ton dernier message. As for everyone telling me not to take an honours program, my answer is : I need it . I need the pressure and the workload, it motivates me. Without it, my work ethic goes amok and I tend to get discouraged faster. It's a good thing that in Dawson, grades of First choice science students are compared to the whole science body. It's not that disadvantageous. One more thing I got from you guys is that hard-work, a good work ethic and perseverance makes a good CRC. I will work on that in secondary 5. I have one more question : Anyway, thanks again for all the replies ! I'm really grateful ^^ If you have anything to add, please feel free.
  3. Hi, I have some quick questions : Can you practice medicine after getting your MDCM degree ? What is the equivalent of the Med-P program at McGill in other universities? I was also wondering if it was better for example to do a Bachelor's degree in chemistry at McGill then transfer to UofT (or any other university) for med school, instead of doing Med-P at McGill and residency in another school. Also do you have to take.the MCAT at one point in the Med-P program? It's just that I don't understand the use of not doing it ; if you transfer to any other university, they will want the MCAT score so.. I don't know if the Med-P program prepares you well for the MCAT. Sorry if this isn't making sense. I can't seem to grasp the concept of a Med-P program. It's preparatory for what ? What can you do with a MDCM degree? Is med P med school or undergraduate? Please lighten me up, thank you. P.-S.: I have read everything on the internet about the program and I still don't understand it.. sigh.
  4. Hi everyone, I have been questioning my CEGEP choices recently. I will be a secondary 5 in September, so cégep is approaching very fast. To be honest, I've been looking at cégeps and universities since 6th grade, but I never settled on a cégep. I want to get into honours sciences, more specifically honours health science. Then, I’d like to pursue a career in medicine and for that I will need an R code of 35 and higher. Short academic description : My average is about 91% (not full potential at all : I’m always last minute, I gave up on homework, etc.) in secondary 4 so far (we haven't gotten our final grades yet, it’s probably going to be different then). The thing is, I'm conflicted because I don't know whether I should choose an English CÉGEP or French CEGEP. I go to a French IB school with enriched English courses, in which I have a 92% average. I'm more fluent in French than I am in English, but my strength in both languages is writing. I’m letting you know this because I heard that most works in cégep are written ones. English language choices : My ideal CÉGEP in terms of size, classes and programs is John Abbott, but it’s way too far from my place (1h20+), it's too bad Dawson cégep is super close to my place (10-15min), very accessible, it has a first choice program and it's a good cégep. However, I find that it has way too many students, which will make the student-teacher relationship more difficult I think. It's also a huge cégep, which makes makes me think it will have more strong students. Then comes Vanier college. It’s 45 minutes away from my place, just like my current high school. It’s not the best cégep, but it's not the worst one either. Also, it has a honours health science program. However I don't know if it’s an advantageous cégep for a high R code. Also too many people from my current high school are going there and that throws me off. --------------------------------------------------------------- For French cégeps, I have BdeB, which seems like a really good cégep, but a very competitive one too. It's also kinda far from my place (+- 1h). My ideal CÉGEP would be Brébeuf, but I can't afford it :(. Then there's Maisonneuve, which I only heard of recently. People say it's a good cégep for sciences but I don't know what to think about that. I haven't heard a lot of positive things about this cégep. It's an hour away from my place too. Which cégep should I choose ? There's the whole English French dilemma. I'm mostly worried about the literature course and the humanities course. Do you know if it was hard for French high school students to adapt to English language classes, especially humanities ? Was writing essays hard ? I don't know. I'm sorry if these questions are bothersome. Thank you for reading this and if you have any answer for me please let me know. P.-S.: I don't know if this is important, but I am planning on pursuing my studies in English, at UofT, McGill or a foreign uni.
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