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  1. Hi there, Very similar thing happened to me last cycle. You have to call UofT admissions and they will reach out to your referee directly and "decide" if the reason is good enough. UofTs staff are actually incredibly helpful and as stressful as this process is, they are understanding and willing to hear what happened. My reason was approved and they accepted it technically a week late after the review was done. I hope it works out for you, but know you do have to contact them and go through this review or the application will be voided, so you only have room to gain by reaching out to UofT directly.
  2. OOP waitlisted with a score of 74. God this was a wild ride. If any OOP dal meds got in with a similar score I’d love to talk more about it and see if there’s hope. Good luck to everyone on the wait list and congrats to everyone that got in.
  3. For future stats Invited at 2:19 PM (OOP) GPA: 3.9 (undergrad), 4.0 (Graduate) MCAT: 514 ECs: Not looked at for an interview Maritimes connections: Really took my time with this essay, focused on connections I have and tried to make it personal.
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