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  1. Gambinoooo

    Interview Invites date?

    Aside from being told your AQ and NAQ score, you also get told about your interview performance on the basis of it being below average, average, and average.
  2. Gambinoooo

    Interview Invites date?

    We don't know and will most likely never know! I have emailed multiple times and also talked to a recruiting staff in person to be told the same thing: "strictly confidential"
  3. I like that, I'll go with 11 and work at it thanks! Thanks for the positive testimonial, 11 it is!
  4. Congratulations to those of us lucky enough to get an interview invite this year!! With regard to interview time, what do you think is an appropriate time for someone commuting 5 hrs to UBC for the interview the night before? I'm really liking the 11:00 AM time slot but I usually get hungry at 11 AM so do you think this is a deal breaker or am I over analyzing? Any other things I should consider when choosing a time? Thanks a million, Gambino
  5. Gambinoooo

    Interview Invites date?

    Well that's one way to get the blood pumping without doing any cardio
  6. Is that for 2017/2018? I only found 6 usable data points in the accepted/waitlisted/rejected thread and they had a regression of 0.9915. As for 2015/2016 and 2016/2017, I didn't calculate those equations and simply pulled them from other threads in the past. Would you mind sharing your equations?
  7. I calculated the new AQ equation for the 2017/2018 application cycle and thought I should share it with you all. Couple thing to point out: Super high and super low averages will not follow this equation and estimates of AQ will be off. With that said, calculations with averages between 82% to 93% yield accurate estimates. The equation provides estimates only and data is compiled from past years' scores from rejected applicants The UBC system also takes into account any NAQ activities that you received course credit for into their AQ calculation. These equations do not take this into account. 2017/2018 stats were compiled from a sample size of 6, but are still comparable to past year calculations generated with 10-20 data points. Here are the equations (with other application cycles for comparison): 2017/2018: y = 1.582*AGPA - 111.6 2016/2017: y = 1.579*AGPA - 111.08 2015/2016: y = 1.626*AGPA - 115.7 Have fun and use responsibly!
  8. Hi guys I'm just trying to be prospective and was wondering what references UBC requires from applications post invitation for an interview. Is it still academic, professional and community service? Thanks everyone!
  9. This was really something I wanted to hear... personal experience. Thanks so much @frenchpress
  10. So in high school, I was part of a council that did a whole bunch of things for the graduating student body. I currently have this split up into two entries where entry #1 is all the general volunteering/coordinating I did and entry #2 is one specific event this council hosted that was distinct from all the other activities, that I was heavily involved with. I'm really torn between whether to combine these two entries together (and lose specificity because I have to speak about the two more broadly), or use the same verifier for both (which according to the help guide is "not advisable"), and keep them seperate. Also, I can't use any other contact as a verifier since this council only had one supervisor. Thank you!