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  1. Were you applying with an above average or way above average gpa or mcat?
  2. Didn't see it on their website anywhere so I thought I'd ask if anyone knew about this!
  3. OOP applicant and completely new to the OMSAS system. I know that medical schools in Canada as a whole look for CanMEDS qualities but is there a list or anything of qualities/attributes that OMSAS specifically likes to see? I've come across it a few times where people say that for UBC "the writing is less structured but that OMSAS definitely requires you to touch on their qualities" but haven't been able to find a corresponding post about it. Thanks!
  4. Thanks everyone for making me feel like I wasn't just an anomaly and for all the tips that you guys provided me to help me get better. To improve oneself is admirable but to improve others is noble; a quality all of you have! Will definitely be using this information to come back next year better and stronger!
  5. Hey @JohnGrisham thanks for the reply and I get that I'm in a hyper competitive pool but how can I progress from here? I don't think I could chalk it up to luck entirely and go into next year's interviews with the same style and be mentally stable lol
  6. Walking out of the interview, I didn't feel the greatest but I knew that I did okay, meaning that my performance would be either average or above average. Never did I think it would turn out to be a below average and at this point, I don't know what to do. The same version of me that was congratulated for my interview skills in practice by others was the one I presented to the interviewers and that got me a very demoralizing "Below Average". What can I do to improve and what could my pathologies have been? Much appreciated guys!
  7. Update for everyone who may be referring back to this. Wear a suit!!!!!!!! Everyone was in a suit
  8. Don't want to wear a suit because mine doesn't have the greatest fitting. Is it acceptable to wear formal chinos, dress shirt, dress shoes & a tie?
  9. Aside from being told your AQ and NAQ score, you also get told about your interview performance on the basis of it being below average, average, and average.
  10. We don't know and will most likely never know! I have emailed multiple times and also talked to a recruiting staff in person to be told the same thing: "strictly confidential"
  11. I like that, I'll go with 11 and work at it thanks! Thanks for the positive testimonial, 11 it is!
  12. Congratulations to those of us lucky enough to get an interview invite this year!! With regard to interview time, what do you think is an appropriate time for someone commuting 5 hrs to UBC for the interview the night before? I'm really liking the 11:00 AM time slot but I usually get hungry at 11 AM so do you think this is a deal breaker or am I over analyzing? Any other things I should consider when choosing a time? Thanks a million, Gambino
  13. Well that's one way to get the blood pumping without doing any cardio
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