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  1. For 2019, GPA DOES matter as they changed the requirements for OOP. It must be at least 85% for U of S! No idea about Manitoba sorry Notice of Requirement Change: On May 30, 2018, Faculty Council approved the changes to the admission requirements for out-of-province resident applicants. Out-of-Province applicants will now require a minimum university academic average of 85.0% and a Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) minimum result of the 80th percentile for the test sum and for each of the four section scores. Only the most recent MCAT will be considered.
  2. dumbebell


    Are you currently studying in UofS? This can potentially come under unprofessional conduct. I had taken a writing course in Toronto and it did not transfer but it still shows up on my uofs, albeit as "NC". If you currently studying at UofS, unfortunately, you do have to inform them of any courses taken at another institute as per their policy, even if courses do not get transferred over. I apologize I am not aware of the rules in other universities. Wish you the best luck!
  3. Hello Its me again! I would love to get some feedback from my fellows here. I will be 27 year old SK resident who has graduated from Usask in 2015 with double major. My average is anywhere between 86-88%. My MCAT is 500, which is low! This was my third time applying to USASK and gotten rejection each time. Now I do have option of going to US to get my DO this upcoming August but there are couple of problem. First is of course, the funding. I might or not might not get loan. Second, the no-way of coming back to SK to practice as we are ineligible for residency in SK as DO. I do want to state that I am from low income family. My options are: 1. Re-try with MCAT (not a guarantee) 2. go to DO school and forget about SK 3. Go to DO school but not sure if I can still apply to Usask (?). This sounds controversial! Thanks everyone for your continuous support!!!
  4. Reject IP under low income program gpa 88 mcat 500 3rd time applicant! I think I am not meant to be. EDIT: Looking at the data, I feel MCAT is my biggest weakness. Now I feel like retrying by rewriting MCAT. Any suggestions would be welcome!
  5. dumbebell

    How is everyone doing?

    I find it so hard for time to pass. Just hoping that I won't end up crying tomorrow! *finger-crossed*
  6. I used to think like OP and still think little like Totally understandable! I was born in 1991 and non trad (though still waiting for that acceptance *sigh) and it might seem like a huge gap but it is not. I love the community here and I am sure that many med students would not care much about age either and would be very open minded. Congrats on your acceptance!!!
  7. dumbebell

    How is everyone doing?

    So nervous but I am not keeping my hopes high at all!!!
  8. Two of my references have been contacted as well! Edit: I did mine on Saturday morning I wonder if they are contacting references for all of them interviewee or just the one who did "well" in the interview
  9. Nothing here! I am IP. I believe OP is an IP resident.
  10. Hey I would check videos on youtube for similar questions *not sure if I am allowed to link them here* Key here is to go step by step i.e. take baby steps! You definitely don't want to 'jump' on your answers. I noticed that in MMI, its not the answer itself that matter most, it is the critical skills of attempting to look at problems via multifaceted manners so critical skills are highly important.
  11. Hello King74 You can PM me if you want! I have interview on Saturday morning as well!!!
  12. Interview Date: March 17 or 18th Result: Invite! GPA: I thought it was 84% but apparently, it is 88%. I would say mid 80s to high 80s MCAT: 500 (Ouch) ECs: Lots of experience volunteering with physicians, first author research paper etc. Year: Graduated in 2015 Geography : IP This is my third time applying! I got rejected post-interview. I don't know how to feel. I am happy, discouraged, little anxious and all the rainbow of emotions. I look forward to see all of you and really hope that this year is the acceptance year for me. Good luck! P.S. if anyone wants to practice with me, please send me a message!!!
  13. dumbebell

    Preparing for the MMI

    Thank you so much! I wish I could find someone to practice with me.
  14. dumbebell

    Mind blowing stats.....

    I am not disagreeing with your stats. They accepted 90 out of 300 peoples in 2013 following interview. I am not agreeing with your attitude about its being "unfair" and/or "low standard". Just because an University is giving interview, it does mean that its a guaranteed entrance. There is absolutely nothing to be salty as you stated. In the end, its more than about the stats. I welcome you to move to Saskatchewan. Its a lovely province and I am sure you will love it. I hope you understand. Take care!