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  1. I JUST declined my offer (OOP) - so there should be at least one seat available now Best of luck!
  2. Hey I'm in Toronto too - do you want to practice in person?
  3. Time stamp: 12:14 PM EST Result: Invite wGPA: 3.9 MCAT: 522 EC's: Varied...Mental Health+Hospice volunteering, Research, Student Governance, 5 pubs and 1 under review Essay: Spent a lot of time on the Maritime, structured it based on scientists I want to collaborate with as a physician scientists. Year: Just finished PhD IP/OOP: OOP Did anyone else get this email from Carolyn Pelham regarding an address correction? I got an email saying there was a mistake and my interview is at St Johns ... but my interview notice already says St Johns and I thought all OOP interview in Halifax. Anyone else?
  4. From the CASPer website (https://takecasper.com/test-dates/#canadianhealth) I don't see any indication that it can be retaken btw
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