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  1. I am moving at the end of August to Halifax. Do you know what documents do the admission look into to establish the residence of an applicant?
  2. Hi, I was wondering if you found that option feasible? I am in the same situation and really thinking of moving out to achieve in province status in Nova Scotia.
  3. I was wondering if this plan has worked out for you?
  4. Living in any maritime province for a year without full time study leads to the establishment of the IP status. From what I am seeing, IP students are achieving around 25% acceptance rate: https://medicine.dal.ca/departments/core-units/admissions/about/class-profile.html is this a good plan, I want to move out of Ontario anyways and I am debating which province to go to (Manitoba vs Maritime provinces). Any insights?
  5. That's really inspiring, congrats on your achievements
  6. wow really? I am currently doing machine learning and this is definitely something i want to be involved in after medical school. Have you done any masters prior your med matriculation?
  7. Thank you for your answer, my other option would be just working in my field (engineering) for a couple of years before applying to med. I was really scared that med school would look down upon that. Your response is reassuring.
  8. I accepted a thesis based masters offer that will start this September. Due to some financial issues going on with my family, the money I will be making from my masters will not be enough to sustain me and other dependents in my family. My question is, if I leave now before the masters start date, would medical schools look down on it?
  9. what happens if you leave before you even start. So you accept an offer in february and you leave in August before you start in September, would that be considered dropping out?
  10. hahaha let me know if you find an answer, I emailed the admission office, hopefully they get back to me soon!
  11. Does anyone know how will GPA be calculated for someone who took 2 full year courses during Fall 19 and Winter 20 which is their final year of study?
  12. Interested to know if this has worked out for you?
  13. ohh, do you happen to know if Ottawa value research? I have had a couple of publications during my undergrad (one in science, and I was first co-author in one of them), but I am unsure if that counts for medicine admission. I am relatively new to the process so pardon me for my naivety.
  14. that's what it says now: "Candidates are allowed to complete missing prerequisite courses during the academic year preceding admission but, as with all courses, not during the summer before their registration in the MD program of studies."
  15. Hi, I am applying this cycle with a 3.87 to the french stream at Ottawa and I need to write my Capser in french lol. I don't think that my GPA is competitive so I need to do good on casper. Were you able to find resources for practice?
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