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  1. I thought it went really well. Biology: I spent a bit too much time on biology than I should have. Luckily some questions were identical to the ones from DATcrusher like the germ layer and genetic questions. Overall I'm pretty confident I did well on this section. Chemistry: Really heavy with calculation questions which pressed me for time. I barely managed to finish with seconds to spare but overall not bad. PAT: Was super straight forward. I think I flew through these and finished with 5 minutes to spare. I practiced using PATBooster from Crusher and those questions were slightly tougher so it made the real exam feel like a breeze. RC: This was usually my weakest section so fingers crossed. I used search & destroy for the most part but some questions were hard to search & destroy. At the end I ended up having to guess 2 questions.
  2. Do you know if that site sells the same soap as the ones on the real DAT? I'm worried it might be different so I'm almost considering buying it directly from the real DAT site
  3. Thank you!! Do you guys think it's a good idea using the new Nicole's Notes Pro version? I'm overwhelmed looking at them so I'm thinking of sticking with the old 100 page notes
  4. I'm taking the upcoming DAT in November and I have a few questions... 1. All of my friends in dental school are recommending DATCrusher and Nicole's Notes but is this enough? 2. How much time should I dedicate to preparing during the school year? 3. What score should I be aiming for? 4. Is the soap carving section needed? 5. Is it true the exam is all paper based? Thanks!
  5. So do Canadian schools not have quotas? How do you graduate then?
  6. Hi i'm finishing up my last year and im thinking of applying to both medical and dental schools. But I'm worried will schools find out that im applying to both medical and dental schools and what will they care? Thanks
  7. Looks like the class average is still the same even though their recruiting well-rounded candidates.
  8. When does registration open up for the DAT? All the locations on the CDA page are closed, did I miss the deadline? :/
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