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  1. Thank you everyone for the support!! KraftDinner: But i have already graduated; I am not sure if I can do a 6th year. Do you mean take courses as an unclassified student? Wouldn't the GPA from a masters count as 1 year for some schools in their GPA calculation?
  2. Thanks SoraAde and Meridian for your insight/advice! Much appreciated! I am aware that I do not stand a chance on the basis of my current GPA. That's why I was wondering if I should do a masters in a field I am interested in (Public Health) or pursue a second degree in a Science related field. I think it would be redundant for me to apply unless I can make my application competitive (increase my undergrad GPA). Also, would you know if you can do a second degree from a different university or is it recommended to go to the same undergrad school (U for the second degree?
  3. Hi, Thanks for the reply! I am from BC. ECs are not spectacular compared to the stuff I have seen on this forum: volunteered many many hours at the hospital from 2006-2009, volunteered with RedCross throughout my undergrad. From what I have researched so far (and please correct me if I am wrong), Ontario schools have more of a weighing formula but I will be OOP for these schools. Also, grades for my prereqs are abysmal ... not sure if I should retake these? I am just unsure where to start.
  4. Hi all, I have been a long time lurker on this forum and found a lot of encouragement from the posts I saw here. 1st Year: 2.7 2nd Year: 2.7 3rd year: 3.0 4th year: 3.3 5th year: 3.9 However, by this point, I had heard too many stories about what the perfect medical student is like (what the grades/ECs should be) and I felt like I just did not stand a chance. I decided to find what else I could do with my life and find fulfillment in a different field. Having had 3 years to reflect on myself, I have finally found the courage to give medicine a real chance which required me to properly look at my grades and see where I stand. I am planning on taking the MCAT in January and hope to get a really good score on it. I have no idea where to begin. Is all hope lost? I am not sure if I should pursue a second degree or a masters? Should I apply internationally? Please help! Thank you!
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