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  1. Is the feedback letter online this year? I thought it was supposed to be mailed in March. I didn't receive anything.
  2. I don't think so. I think its for people who may have inputted wrong email addresses or if their verifier didn't reply, maybe they asked for a different verifier.
  3. My 3.5 is probably not competitive at all as an OOP applicant for Ontario schools.
  4. Hi everyone, I am an Alberta resident. I have a 3.51 undergrad GPA and a 3.3 MSc GPA. As you can see if med schools count MSc GPA as a full-year equivalent then my GPA gets bumped down to 3.4. That really breaks my heart as grad courses are significantly harder than undergrad courses. I was just wondering what med schools do NOT include grad school GPA. I know UofC includes it but UofA doesn't. Would I be competitive for any med school in Canada with a 510+ MCAT, 4000+ work experience hours and 2000+ volunteer hours? I'm not very familiar with schools that would give me a chance with such low GPA?
  5. Ok, you've convinced me. GPA: 3.8 average, 4.0 max ECs: 7/17 average, 12/17 max MCAT: 128.06 average, 131.50 max
  6. Sorry, I should've elaborated more. I was given my score for ECs but they don't say how GPA, MCAT, ECs are weighted. I can't find this info on the website either. You really can't tell how you compared with the rest of the applicants. Am I allowed to release the averages?
  7. I got my letter today. Its really not that informative. They just have the averages of GPA, ECs and MCAT of those that received the invite. But, because they are averages, you really don't know how you ranked against them.
  8. U of A sends out feedback letters to those that were rejected pre-interview. They basically tell you how you ranked in each category.
  9. The admissions committee had said that the feedback letters are sent out at the end of march. I'm assuming this is a rough deadline. Can anyone tell me when they received theirs last year?
  10. THEY ARE HERE. JUST GOT AN EMAIL FROM FoMD about interview decisions.
  11. I'm already expecting a rejection so I am actually pretty calm right now.
  12. "Communication regarding interview notifications and regrets are sent to UAlberta.ca email accounts ONLY." Does that mean that they won't send anything in the mail?
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