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  1. Every major is going to be pretty hard. I am guessing that the individuals you know that dropped out of Biology might have dropped out even if they were in a different major. So I encourage you to make your choice more based on which courses you find more interesting
  2. I found the Next Step for CARS practice helpful. Didn't use a CARS prep course or any couse. Jump into practice.
  3. @ubcstudent Your GPA is amazing which speaks to some great work ethic and time management. I would work a lot more on your ECs though - You're on the right track with ECs so far. How you write about these ECs in your application is also really important. I'm going off a pretty basic description so it's hard to accurately judge your level of involvement in your ECs. Full Disclaimer: Only going off what worked for me and what kind of ECs I've heard of my med classmates doing. Not involved with the admission committee. 1) Try to step into a leadership role. Think about how you would love to make a difference 2) Take your hobbies to the next level, or make sure you're continuing them even now. E.g. If you were a hockey player in high school (yay so was I), you can keep playing in undergrad. It helps to think how you'll fit into our class - ooo this girl/guy could on the med team. If you like playing the cello, I heard that one of my classmates was the star of an orchestra. One of my classmates composes music and won awards for doing so. 3) Get more clinical experience. Volunteering in an ED sounds pretty cool, but I encourage you to find more chances to emerge yourself into medicine. It's helpful to have a source of motivation "ah this is why I want to study medicine". 4) I'm impressed by the amount of scholarships you've won but FYI I think you can only list your top 5 awards ( I could be recalling the wrong number). Just so you know the rest of them can't go on your app for UBC med. 5) I personally think research is really important (this is a controversial opinion because there are also people in my class that didn't do much research) so I think putting more time into your research would be beneficial. Good luck!
  4. Hi everyone, A relative gave me a short white coat they never used but the coat is collarless. I'm used to seeing med students and physicians wear something with a collar but can I wear this? Thanks!
  5. I got help from others before me through this forum so I want to help in the same way. I just went through the application cycle 2017-18 at UBC, Calgary, and the OMSAS schools (Toronto, Queens, etc) and will be starting med school this fall so very familiar with the application. I am experienced advising and editing others' applications for university over the last three years, so I have an established system for doing your edits, going over them with you, and creating a plan going forward. Now, I'm also going to offer help with med apps. I'm no expert but if you wanted someone to look over and edit your applications anytime from now until when your apps are due, send me a message! Similar to others on this forum, my rate is $50/hr. Best of luck with your applications everyone!
  6. Selling. Message me. - 1001 Questions in MCAT Biology worth $20 --> selling for $15 - Next Step Psychology and Sociology Strategy and Practice bought for $51 -> selling for $40 (Everything else has been sold)
  7. Best of luck and hope you rock your MCAT! Yes, it's awkward to be try to figure out plans for the future because we don't know if we're doing to move somewhere, how much time you can commit to if you get in or not, etc. Best of luck to you!
  8. About how much/extensively if Term 1 material is tested on the PCTH 300/305 final exam? Is it memorizing the details from Term 1 again? Or is more about overlapping material between term 1 and 2? I'm willing to study everything to be prepared if needed but don't want to waste too time on term 1 if it's not needed. Thanks so much in advance!
  9. I heard that rumour as well and so I was surprised to receive an regular MD program invite for March 3rd. I'm located in BC.
  10. Interview Date: February 25th 12:30pm Result: Invite wGPA: 3.92 MCAT: 130 CARS ECs: These were likely weaker than the average applicant. Year: 3rd Year UG Geography: OOP
  11. @spaand @ow1234, if you don't mind me asking, what were your solutions to meeting the biology lab requirements for Ottawa? Does just BIOL 140 work? Thank you!
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