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  1. Any luck regarding this situation? I tried e-mailing admissions about section 1 only listing 1/2 transcripts that were received. However, it looks like they won't be replying to any e-mails regarding transcript confirmation. The other school confirmed that the transcript was mailed out in the appropriate timeframe. This same situation happened when I applied last year. Last year, Dal confirmed via e-mail that it was received but for some reason the system was not showing it. Do you think it may be a similar situation?
  2. Did anyone find out if they do run the Western ABS essays through turnitin?
  3. I just defended my thesis and sending in my thesis to Proquest (UofT online respository). I was wondering if this would be considered a publication? If it is considered a publication would this be a peer-reviewed or non-peer reviewed publication? I'm currently writing up a manuscript for submission but in the Academic CV, it explicitly says manuscripts "in-prep" would not be considered (which sucks!). So, I was hoping if submitting my thesis to Proquest count as a publication. Any information regarding this topic would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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