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  1. Hello all! I imagine we all want to feel a little more normal given the circumstances. So to do so I figured I’d field a speculation question as a means of distraction. Last year this forum was wild with people speculating whether the proof of citizenship updates had any bearing on whether people had been accepted. Do people think the number of times you have applied to ubc impacts your application (good or bad)? I notice that in the application it asks this question and this is not a part of the optional section which has no bearing on the overall application. Having applied multiple times and hoping to hear good news in May I’d love to hear people’s thoughts! Cheers
  2. May I ask where you heard that?I took 4 classes most of the way through and am currently waiting to see if I got accepted. Would be very disheartening to know I didn’t even really have a shot. I think there is more to it than just a full load.
  3. So the real question is did someone who got in last year, get this email? @Neurophiliac care to chime in?
  4. Me too! So weird. That’s essentially what I want to know,
  5. Well no I haven’t been accepted. It says it was sent to all applicants who interviewed. I was just curious as it seems there was a recipient last October. But last interview cycle I never received an email informing me of the award
  6. Hello! I received this email informing me of the this very generous scholarship that can be applied for. I was curious if any applicants who applied last year got this email as I cannot find any history of it in my inbox. I know it is a new award but a google search shows that the first recipient received it this past November. Which means it must have been around last cycle!
  7. Hello fellow interviewees and forum browsers! Anyone hear of anyone getting in with 125 in cars? Does ubc care about balanced mcat or overall score? So much time to think about all the factors at play haha
  8. I’d like to think it wouldn’t matter. Why would they waste time interviewing you when they already have hundreds of other candidates to fill the spot?
  9. Wrong guy to quote, wasn’t me who got an email, yet at least
  10. I don’t understand. It doesn’t make any sense to do it like this
  11. Let’s just hope we wake up to early invites tomorrow, signifying the end of rejections I imagine
  12. Waiting for someone to post an early invite so we know it’s over..............
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