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  1. I’d like to think it wouldn’t matter. Why would they waste time interviewing you when they already have hundreds of other candidates to fill the spot?
  2. Wrong guy to quote, wasn’t me who got an email, yet at least
  3. I don’t understand. It doesn’t make any sense to do it like this
  4. Let’s just hope we wake up to early invites tomorrow, signifying the end of rejections I imagine
  5. Waiting for someone to post an early invite so we know it’s over..............
  6. Not sure it’ll make a difference, I tend to avoid giving advice online so do whatever you decide to do!
  7. Missed by 0.03 2 years ago under the old system. Sucks but it happens
  8. I’m actually so curious what the idea is behind no sending them all in one fell swoop. It makes 0 sense. Makes me think it’s a man in a room getting a kick out of it
  9. Can we just lock this thread for the sanity of applicants? I keep coming back and my message of just let it be and live your life has totally been disregarded! for those in the back who didn’t hear the first one: it doesn’t matter if you have had verifiers contacted or not or if someone has had 1 2 or 200. Everyone just relax we are all gunna be okay. Whether people are early deadline, regular deadline, submitted at 11:59am the day of it literally doesn’t matter. Save your stress and energy for interview day! peace and love guys just enjoy life!
  10. No sense stressing about it, no one here has any idea what it means. They could contact every single one of your verifiers or none. Your application is done, it is out of your hands, enjoy your life for the next few months. If you get an interview, do your prep, interview and then again, just wait. I saw so many people stressing about verifiers/ starting to worry about interviews they hadn’t even received yet last cycle. It’s not healthy to cause yourself so much stress when it isn’t needed. Not trying to be critical I just think it is important to separate ourselves from the process until we are required to be involved again.
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