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  1. mdpwns1763

    OOP Chances

    Hmm. Yeah it is just stressful. I have a really competitive score (517) but a bad cars (125). So uncertain how to feel
  2. mdpwns1763

    OOP Chances

    Does anyone think they look at scores individually or the mcat as a whole?
  3. Status: invite missed the cut off by 0.03 last year so this is a spectacular feeling. Never interviewed before so hopefully it goes well!
  4. mdpwns1763

    Interview Invites date?

    Imagine Being 0.03 points off from last year. If the NAQ changes such that my entries no longer achieve the same score I will be devastated.
  5. Long time lurker. I applied last year received a 39.6 TFR. Was fresh off my degree. Spent the year volunteering added some stuff that I should have put on the first app. This brings me to where I am today. Status: Regrets, no interview AGPA: 88.41 AQ: 28.05 NAQ: 23.59 TFR: 51.64 I missed the cutoff for IP by 0.03. I am devastated I simply cannot believe this is happening. I am shocked my score jumped so much but I am still horrified that I missed by such a small margin. For those in a situation similar to me, should I be concerned next cycle (ie I have some volunteer stuff that was past this cutoff that will be on the next one) or should I be hopeful?