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  1. Quelqu'un peut nous partager leur expériences personelles? Ce sera grandement apprécié!
  2. D'accord, merci beaucoup! Sinon, pense-tu si je ne reussis pas a etre accepter en Med preparatoire, je devrais aller en physio a McGill ou a UdeM? A ce que je comprends, a udem, tu peux tenter ta chance la prochaine annee? Serais-tu une bonne idee de choisir UdeM?
  3. Argh, la je suis en train de stresser...
  4. Salut, merci pour l'info! Saurais-tu quand les reponses pour physiotherapie sortent? (et crois-tu que j'ai une chance avec 34.1?). Mon ami qui a appliquer en ergo a udem a deja eu une reponse d'admission, alors ca m'inquiete...
  5. Bonjour tout le monde, J'ai actuellement une cote R de 34.1 avec le nouveau calcul, ce qui est médiocre pour les nouveaux standards. Je suis déjà refusé à McGill et je suis sûr qu'UdeM fera la même chose. Sinon, est-ce que quelqu'un sait quand il sortiront les résultats et aie-je une chance pour médecine, ou au moins, en physiothérapie (mon plan B pour UdeM). Je suis un peu désespéré actuellement ^_^' Je vous remercie d'avance!
  6. So, if I get it correctly, you don't need to apply to Med school like those who have chosen the undergrad routes right?
  7. For what specifically? Med-P? Also, can someone clear up some of my misconceptions for Med-P at McGill. I read their website but I'm still unsure. Of course, I know Med-P is a preparatory program for Med School. But I don't get when people say that you can get to Med from Cegep. What does it mean, like once you're in Med-P, you are sure to be able to follow your studies in Med School or what?
  8. Is that so? What do you mean by next application cycle (2019)? Like if for example, I get accepted for an undergrad program instead of Med-P, and I chose to pursue that path for the time being, the next application cycle, I might apply for Med-P again? Or do you mean that if I can't make it to any program, I should still have a good 4th semester in order to get a better chance for next year? Thank you btw for your answer.
  9. I already asked Bambi about this but he doesn't remember about it so I'll ask it here. I have a question regarding the fourth semester at Cegep. I was wondering what was the impact of the fourth semester grades and R-Score has on, say, my future career at University. I heard my friends said that the fourth semester is only meant to be passed, no need to excel in every class. However, I personally had a very bad third semester, especially with organic chemistry. Should I try my best in the fourth semester if it isn't all in vain?
  10. If I understand clearly, the undergrad programs that I do doesn't for applying to Med at McGill, unlike french schools such as UdeM. From this point of view, it seems to be wiser to chose a connexe program right, am I right? Since it will allow me a better chance at both McGill and UdeM.
  11. Wait everyone, can you clear up some questions for me. I am confused a bit. When choosing an undergrad, I saw some people talking about connexe and non-connexe. What does it means? Does some programs don't cover enough pre-requisite for Med, so I have to do those required courses in extra? Or is it something else? Thank you in advance!
  12. Does anyone know some not so hard undergrad program suggestions? Is physiotherapy difficult? I heard that kinesiology is fine, but I'm not sure. And SunAndMoon, you said that french schools discriminate based on the program. So I am better off choosing science program right?
  13. Hello everyone, It's this time of the year where application deadline are coming. I am from Marianopolis and I am unsure of my final R-Score because my 3rd semester was a very bad one for two of my classes, especially with organic chemistry (R-score still hasn't come out yet though). The first two semester, I had a decent R-score of around 33. Also, I did some volunteering, about 60 hours but I'm pretty sure it's not enough to make my CV look good. I used to be very confident in my skills but after the 3rd semester, I am not sure of my future for med anymore. Anyways, that is not the main question here. I know that if I don't make it to Med-P from Cegep, I can apply to an alternate undergrad studies where I will have a chance to get into medecine once I completed it. However, I am very hesitant on which program to chose. I heard some people saying that applying to Physiotherapy would be a good idea to transfer. But I am not sure what is the impact of the chosen undergrad plan b program for my career for medecine. Should I chose a science-based program to get an advantage if I get into med? I am rather new to this and I am quite confused about the large number of program at university (and a bit intimidated). Nonetheless, I am trying hard to pursue my dream to get into med, like most people in this forum. It seems very arduous, but I am giving everything I got. I hope you guys can give me some tips and guidance for the path I must take (in particular, for my plan B undergrad program). Sincerely, Jacky.
  14. Hi everyone, I just finished my first year at Marianopolis College in Health Sciences. My dream is to go into medecine, but I worry that I haven't done enough extracurricular activities. As of now, I've done about 50+ hours of volunteer at math and english tutoring center and large conventions. However, my friends told me that those volunteers jobs aren't "valuable" for medecine application. Can you guys suggest me what kind of volunteers or activities I should get involved into: hospital, child care center, etc.? Alternatively, if things doesn't work out, I am considering Pharmacy at UdeM too. Does this program require an interview like medecine and what is the average R Score requirements for this one. Do I need also need to volunteer at health care center like in medecine? Thank you everyone!
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