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  1. Just like the others said, I think you could put n/a but I just put one-time award or something along those lines.
  2. Thank you for your suggestions! I think I'll save my money and get the 64GB one!
  3. Hey everyone, I could appreciate the help in making this decision. I was thinking of purchasing an iPad Pro for med school because I have a long commute that I could study during and I like that its a good replacement for paper as well as its portability. I'm not sure how much storage to get. I wouldn't use the iPad for photo storage or downloading movies/music because I usually stream any entertainment, mostly it would be for PDFs and school related stuff. Any extra stuff I dont need would probably be offloaded onto my MacBook since I have a ton of storage space on that. Thanks for any advice!
  4. I would love to see someone share what they did for this because I feel like I've been repeating myself over and over again
  5. Thank you everyone for your replies. Upon consideration, I'll probably stick to UofA! It's probably safer and I found the school to be amazing anyway!
  6. Hey everyone, I would appreciate your input. I got accepted to UofA this year and I deferred it so I can finish my MSc. I paid the deposit and everything to confirm my enrolment at UofA. At the time I applied, I couldn't apply to UofT which is ideally my first choice due to a multitude of factors because I was in the middle of my MSc. I was thinking of applying now to UofT because I'll be finishing my MSc. Is this even allowed/possible, or is the worst case scenario that I'd lose the 1000$ deposit I paid? Thanks!
  7. Hey I was in a similar situation. I was starting my MSc when I first applied and got accepted to UofA. I emailed the MD admission office and they sent me a procedure to follow (straight forwards) and I also paid my deposit and everything. Then I met with the assistant dean and she asked me about my project and when I expect to be completed, and granted me the deferral. My experience was that if you are in the middle of your graduate studies, they are VERY lenient and accommodating and nice so that our supervisors aren't just left hanging. The assistant dean Dr. Hillier even told me I could do both at the same time if I wanted. So I think its worth applying, just don't leave your PI hanging if you get in lol
  8. Try London Drugs! I know they give digital copies
  9. They send me an email referring to the document upload page. They updated my old documents to the offer ones
  10. I'm expected to confer my degree in June 2020 so I'll be deferring my admission to next year. Has anyone done this before? What documents do we need to submit? Any help would be appreciated!
  11. Hey everyone! It seems that they’re sending out offers to people on the waitlist! I thought they were going to start May 24th but I guess not!
  12. I've never lived away from my parents home so I don't really know, but what's a reasonable range for the monthly rent for a student in Calgary (for a 1 bed/1 bath type of thing)?
  13. Im not a med student or anything but based on my own experience, its very quick!! You can easily get them done in an hour. I hope I'm not giving you wrong information.
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