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  1. teeezyyy

    Passport photo

    Try London Drugs! I know they give digital copies
  2. teeezyyy

    Waitlist offers are out

    Hahaha thank you! I appreciate it
  3. teeezyyy

    Waitlist offers are out

    They send me an email referring to the document upload page. They updated my old documents to the offer ones
  4. I'm expected to confer my degree in June 2020 so I'll be deferring my admission to next year. Has anyone done this before? What documents do we need to submit? Any help would be appreciated!
  5. Hey everyone! It seems that they’re sending out offers to people on the waitlist! I thought they were going to start May 24th but I guess not!
  6. I've never lived away from my parents home so I don't really know, but what's a reasonable range for the monthly rent for a student in Calgary (for a 1 bed/1 bath type of thing)?
  7. Im not a med student or anything but based on my own experience, its very quick!! You can easily get them done in an hour. I hope I'm not giving you wrong information.
  8. teeezyyy

    Waitlist Movement

    Lol Im on waitlist for both so that gave me a lot of hope. thanks <3
  9. teeezyyy

    UofA vs UofC (waitlist)

    Omg so being in the middle of a program is a disadvantage? I just finished the first year of my MSc and my prof is willing to let me come back in the summer between year 1 and 2 (i just need 4 months to finish) and I'm totally free to start in September and I feel like my hopes just sank realizing that puts me at a disadvantage :/
  10. Hi everyone, I've been waitlisted at both Alberta and Calgary. Since I live in Edmonton I'd prefer to go to UofA but I was wondering, what happens if UofC accepts me before UofA and theres still a chance that UofA might accept me? I know that with waitlist offers, theres only a few days before you have to accept. I'd be grateful to go anywhere of course, but for a few other significant reasons UofA is the better choice for my circumstances. Is it possible to accept at UofC and pay the deposit, but then withdraw if I get accepted to UofA? I wouldn't get my money back but in the long run its worth it. Thanks for any insight! EDIT: ALSO, is it true that part of your ranking on the waitlist depends on if you're currently in a program?
  11. Result: Accepted off waitlist May 16th IM ECSTATIC AND SHOCKED! Will be deferring to complete my MSc so hopefully someone on the waitlist will be hearing good news! Geography: IP GPA: 3.96 undergrad  MCAT: 515 Degree: First year MSc E.C: Work with refugees, homeless populations, orphans, Canadian Blood Services, my own initiatives, some personal adversity that has fuelled a lot of the ECs, hobbies and life experiences growing up in the Middle East Interview: This was my first time applying and second interview after Calgary and it was everything I had prepared for and in a very familiar setting (in the Maz where I used to volunteer) so I felt like the stars had aligned LOL. It was really standard, no surprises or curveballs. I felt like I killed 4 stations, did meh on one, horrible on one and the panel was hit or miss. I felt like they were just eyeballing me with pity but that could partly be my own fault because I shared something a bit intense. One thing that I loved about uofa was the interviewers. They went out of their way to smile, engage and make you feel comfortable.
  12. Its nice to hear a different perspective. Do you go to UofC? Yeah I think it's probably best if I confirm with UME! Thank you, you made me feel better lol
  13. Result: Waitlisted, declined for UofA Geography: IP GPA: 3.96 MCAT: 515 (130/128/130/127) Degree: BSc, currently doing MSc E.C: Solid research, presentations at international and local conferences, my experience with women rights and stuff living in the Middle East, personal hardships, a lot of initiatives I spearheaded that are geared towards Syrian refugees or homeless populations, other personal hobbies. Interview: Take everything with a grain of salt because this was my first ever interview. I prepped for a month (didn't expect an interview) but absolutely nothing I prepared was useful on interview day. I personally hated Calgary's interview for that reason because I felt like I had no control over how any station went. Also, I didn't finish a single station on time and was running out of every station and two stations in I gave up using the notepad and I just "winged" it. It was such a long tiring day and I thought the interview was so hard. I remember holding back tears at the end when Dr. Walker was talking to us LOL, so I'm ecstatic to have been waitlisted because I honestly expected a rejection. The good thing about Calgary was that the interview is really good at seeing you for the person you really are and I guess winging it *kinda* worked out for me.
  14. I just want to clarify that 10-12 days would mean I miss 5 school days. I don’t know if that makes it any better ... on a similar note though, as I am currently doing an MSc, i have a conference in October where I’d probably be missing 4-5 school days again. The conference is pretty international and a big deal in my field so is that also not feasible? Thanks for you input!