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  1. teeezyyy

    CASPER Answers Review Help

    I can help you too if you want another opinion!
  2. Might call tomorrow before the deadline & ask.. Thank you for your help. Good luck to you too!
  3. Yeah thanks for pointing that out! I elected to not apply to UofT until next year so I can provide evidence of completing my degree if med doesn't work out this year. Thanks for your input.
  4. Thanks for your reply. Yeah I definitely don’t want to drop out either. My Faculty makes this arrangement where I can come back the summer between first and second year med school to finish my MSc after having started medical school. So I would pause in June 2019, and finish in end of summer 2020. But for the purpose of this application, do you recommend putting June 2019? I really don’t want to spend 500$ on applications just to not be assessed because I put the wrong date for that, do you know what I mean?
  5. I just started my MSc program in September and they typically go for two years but if I get accepted for matriculation in 2019, I'll make alternate arrangements to finish or worst case scenario, drop my MSc. But for the "end date" - what date should I put? The max it goes up to is 2019-12 and I dont want my file to be closed for Ottawa or McMaster (they accept first year grad students) because I put 2019-12 and not 2019-06. Help please!
  6. Okay thats what i thought, thank you!!!
  7. Sorry for all the last minute questions. Do you typically list the values of your awards and scholarships in your ABS?
  8. I worked for two summers in a research lab but I'm not sure whether I should place it under research or employment. please help!
  9. I heard people say its to put your relationship with the verifier. Others have said they used it to say the verifiers email or that documents for that activity are available upon request.
  10. teeezyyy

    ABS Advice

    Omg thank you. I'll pm you!
  11. teeezyyy

    ABS Advice

    Would one of you be willing to look at mine?
  12. Heyyy I'm looking for someone willing to go over my CASPer responses (Astroff practice test), preferably someone in med school or someone who feels strong at CASPer. Please pm me if you want!
  13. Hey, thanks so much! That works for me, I'm not quite done writing them up! I will pm you next week Good luck on your midterm!
  14. Hi This is my first time applying and I looked around this forum for the best way to write the impact, but I'm not sure if I'm conveying everything I could effectively. If anyone (preferably someone accepted into UofC) is willing to read my top 10, please pm me!! I'll pay for your time! Thank you <3