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  1. Thanks for the reply. Is the exam software compatible with ipads and tablets too? And are the exams all multiple choice, apart from anatomy practicals?
  2. I'm wondering how block exams are delivered? Is there an exam software that is used? Does it require our laptops to connect to a wifi network during the exam? If there are technical difficulties, can we use another computer?
  3. Do we get bus and metro passes from McGill, or do we need to get the OPUS card for discounted public transportation?
  4. Thanks. I was also wondering about study spaces on campus. Where do med students generally study? Are the good places in McIntyre?
  5. My account on Minerva shows that I'm supposed to pay international fees, but I was admitted as a QC resident. Is this something that will be resolved prior to tuition being due, or do I need to get in touch with someone about this? Also, will admissions get in touch with us to let us know about when/how to pay tuition?
  6. What is the 'immunization card' that new students need to fill out. I already filled out the AFMC immunization form, is that sufficient? I also got an email from UGME records dept. saying they didn't receive my immunization and CPR forms, but I already uploaded them to Minerva. Did this happen to anyone else?
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