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  1. Damn that must feel like poop. Get on your study grind ASAP. Let's be real upon serious analysis and reflection you realize that those crazy people in the corners of the library 24/7 are the one's pulling in those 90 pluses well minus the super geniuses.
  2. Side bar: ^ chill bill, I think they were only trying to provide some insight with the very few details of your life they could extract from your first message. I am sure no one is trying to imply that you are lazy or not a self starter, clearly you couldn't have made it this far if you weren't a motivated person . On topic. I knew a girl who dropped out in her sixth year of her PhD b/c her PI was a complete ass and her lab technician was an utter bully. From what I have observed abt grad school there is less accountability with PIs as opposed to profs where a collective can speak out against an unjust prof.
  3. I wish we had a status bar on premed. If we did mine would read: premed whoring right now.
  4. I think you have write one of the Sept. sittings in order to have your results count for this application cycle. Since you have a basic science background I don't think it should take you too long to prep but give yourself the time. Whatever you do, do not make my fatal error and sign up for a prep course. Good luck!
  5. 1. yea but you might have to send a letter to the loans ppl explaining ur situation 2. medical assistant at a clinic maybe 3. i dunno but when u figure it out hollar at me
  6. daaaang adam p sent u a personal photo? i've been hounding him for one for a hot minute.
  7. Hey, I think its doable. When r u looking to rewrite it? Sept? Was your first degree in science?
  8. You need another year of good grades so don't forget to sign up for some other courses along with your pre-reqs. I think the above poster is right, it all comes down to how much you want it and how much of a 'risk' he is willing to take in going along for the ride. This could be a matter of short term pain, long term gain. Although not in a similar situation, I can appreciate the problems you may be facing. I got out of a relationship last year that was headed no where because I knew my life would be consumed by meds for the next two years. This year I'm committed to doing my best to stay out of relationships period ( my friends think I'm crazy b/c they are all in the process of getting married). If I were in your position I would... - explain to him how important it is for me to attain this dream. You said you are reluctant to share your dreams and aspirations with others ( save your other premed friend) but since your partner is a huge part of ur life I think its time you sincerely let him in and let him know what's good. Why you want this so much and how much his support would mean to you. - Ask him to sit down and engage in a practical brainstorming session on how you can go about this in the most efficient sort of way of approaching the next few years. Come to an agreement about time lines etc and what each of you are willing to compromise on. You've probably invested a lot in this relationship and care for him so see how far you can both compromise without disregarding each of your dreams and goals. Communication will be the determining factor. Best of luck!
  9. agreed, the 6 applicants were definitely NOT all Aboriginals. I read a post by someone in the Northern med school saying they got accepted into both Mac and North with a GPA of 3.8ish who applied under Aboriginal status .
  10. Nice job!!! I'm super happy for you. I know how nerve racking the academic reference is. I'm already dreading asking for one but I generally dread asking for anything.
  11. For me I found reading the passage 2x and the going to the answers and working on them was the best way. I think its hard to time per question, I found doing a passage and timing myself to assess how much time I was spending on doing the passage at a comfortable pace and then adjusting my speed was the best strategy for me. Best of luck!
  12. Yes yes yes. Many of us share your sentiments. You are not alone. I wonder how long the process will take, this yr? the next? There is not point in stressing it just make sure you are enjoying your life in other respects in the meantime. As long as you have health you have everything in the world.
  13. Does your school have a Bsc. in Psychology? I think you are right with it being the least marketable degree as just an undergrad, which is prob why many people go on to do their grad degrees or go into professional schools. If I could go back in time I would have done my undergrad in psych only b/c I find it vastly interesting and diverse in the different topics it addresses but I would do the Bsc. that way I could get my med pre-reqs done and have the flexibility of doing a MSc. if I wanted to. Just my .02
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