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  1. verycaffeinated

    Doing an exchange during undergrad

    How did McGill Med end up counting the courses you took in Australia?
  2. Hello, I was just wondering if there are any applicants who went away for exchange during their undergrad? I'm considering applying for exchange to Australia or maybe Europe but I don't know if that would affect my future application to MDCM or not.. I tried searching for prior posts on this forum but nothing recent came up.. Do you guys think doing an exchange would be a good idea? Thanks!
  3. verycaffeinated

    I don't have Microsoft Office

    If you're a McGill student, you can download Office 2016 for free by logging in to the McGill email portal
  4. verycaffeinated

    Med-P 2018

    Avant tout, félicitations! D'habitude, la lettre officielle sera envoyée ce soir après 21h, soit après que Minerva ait été mise à jour pour la journée
  5. verycaffeinated

    DENT-P 2018

    Je n'ai rien reçu encore
  6. verycaffeinated

    DENT-P 2018

    Non malheureusement, mais jusqu’à maintenant, les gens que je connais qui ont appliqué en dent-p n’ont pas reçu de décisions aussi
  7. verycaffeinated

    DENT-P 2018

    J'ai appliqué en Med-P aussi, mais je n'ai pas encore reçu de décisions pour Dent-P... Est-ce que les gens qui ont reçu une décision de Dent-P étaient tous des invités?
  8. verycaffeinated

    DENT-P 2018

    I don’t think anyone got an answer from Dent-P yet. If I were to guess, I would say maybe tomorrow as well? There will be some applicants who applied to both Med and Dent who’ll have interview invites for both programs on a specific day so there’s an extremely huge likelihood that Dent has its invite list already as well.
  9. verycaffeinated

    Countdown to decisions [doomsday]

    Wow that was is weird! Anyhow, congrats and good luck on your MMIs!
  10. verycaffeinated

    Countdown to decisions [doomsday]

    Even though the status changed to "Decision Release Date: March 22nd", are the interview items still in your checklist? Also, question for previous applicants, has something like this ever happened before? (i.e. getting an answer and then having it changed back it something like "Decision Release Date: ...")
  11. verycaffeinated

    DENT-P 2018

    They also removed mine... Does anyone know why that is?
  12. verycaffeinated

    Countdown to decisions [doomsday]

    A little update on my comment. I’m a Med-P applicant and I checked my application at 10AM today and my status read “refused” meaning unfortunately, I didn’t get an invite. Thus, I thought they were sending out the interview invites. However, I just checked again and it no longer reads “refused”. The decision was changed to “Decision Release Date March 22”. So now, I’m confused. Just thought I’d update it here so that the MDCM candidates are aware and aren’t too hopeful about decisions being released Friday. Apologies!
  13. verycaffeinated

    Countdown to decisions [doomsday]

    They started sending out Med-P invite decisions today. It’s possible MDCM will have their decisions on Friday.
  14. verycaffeinated

    McGill PT/OT

    I applied to PT and my file said “Ready for Review” as soon as my CASPer scores were processed. By the way, does anyone know when the admission decisions will be sent out approximately based on previous years?
  15. verycaffeinated

    CASPer 2018

    J'avais lu sur un autre forum quelque part que nos notes de CASPer pourraient être attribuées selon une courbe. Cela veut dire que les candidats qui se sont le plus démarqués sur le TECT se verront attribuer une haute "note standardisée" et que les candidats qui ont eu une faible ou moyenne performance se verront attribuer une plus basse note. À la base, c'est comme être noté dans les extrêmes. Par contre, cela ne peut être qu'une rumeur, donc prenez ce réplique avec une pincée de sel. Seules la compagnie de CASPer et les facultés de médecine savent de quel façon le TECT est véritablement noté. Cependant, je pense que les notes du TECT pourront bel et bien être attribuées selon une courbe, car sinon, comme @DMDbio l'avait mentionné, le TECT aura un effet minime si la plupart des gens ont des notes près de la moyenne. Encore une fois, prenez cela avec une pincée de sel.