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  1. Rabeprazole

    What are you listening to?

  2. Rabeprazole

    Does Undergraduate school matter?

    This. Don't underestimate the utility of knowing people who are taking and have taken the classes you will be in. You can definitely go in blind for the "experience", but in the long run, you can get yourself closer to that coveted 4.0 if you can expect the punches thrown your way. But to answer your question, they don't care what school/program you're in as long as you cover the requirements and are competitive.
  3. Rabeprazole

    Research outside of the hard sciences

    Not only is it good, it might be even better because it's different.
  4. Rabeprazole

    Second Degree Policy

    The Waybackmachine may help with that. It keeps a record of some websites from the past. You may be able to determine the relative time it was added on the site.
  5. Biggest tip would be to get to know what they're researching about, see them personally, and tell them why you're interested in what they're doing.
  6. Rabeprazole

    OMSAS GPA Calculations

    I still haven't seen my transcript uploaded. Is this a problem?
  7. WIGGLING While I graded gyrations, Laura identified no gyrofrequencies.
  8. SOCIETIES Share one cold icebox every time I embezzle surreptitiously.
  9. Rabeprazole

    Maybe Someone Will Find This Helpful

    Is this it?https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC86bvB_KQ4hZl0s69W4OhsA
  10. Rabeprazole

    Realignment of Doctor's Income

    What province would be considered the best in terms of funding/least cuts/least vilification?
  11. SENIORS Saving every new intern's offline recordings sucks.
  12. I feel like this is the perfect example of humans being resilient creatures. We have the ability to alter our desires and convince ourselves that our situations, regardless of the obstacles, are great. We can walk out from failure after failure and still have the ability to forge a new path - the path the we always "intended" to take. Thank you for this.
  13. That's if you "Submit a New Message". If I'm not mistaken, that doesn't apply to uploading a document.