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  1. Just a heads up so that you have a date to look forward to, the averages were shown on the website around Nov 15th last year.
  2. I believe it's random. Someone told me that they think that a bot is going through a list of us and contacting multiple verifiers on that one day. If there's an issue (ex. sketchy email for verifier), I think they'll outright tell you. So you shouldn't have anything to worry about yet. As I mentioned above, they might just be going through a list to mass contact verifiers and you just haven't been reached yet. Don't lose hope just because of this!
  3. 100, this would be such an indicator for us when considering other schools with Casper requirements! If I get a rejection I would definitely rather get a rejection because of my non-maritime essay than falling below Casper cutoffs
  4. Surprisingly, OMSAS actually does what is called in academia: a hard round down, so you'd end up with a 3.90. I'm sorry for your loss.
  5. It might be best to contact the OMSAS team through chat on Monday. Best course of action imo
  6. I worked with a club for three years and the president is now a medical student. I was wondering if it was a conflict of interest if I used her as a reference for OMSAS as she is a similar age. I did a lot of work with the club and I believe she would be a great reference. Thanks!
  7. Well that depends on which schools you're applying to. For example when looking at the extremes, Toronto requires them by October 1st while Schulich/McMaster state that references are accepted until December 1st. As for Ottawa, I don't know. I tried looking on their website and OMSAS and I couldn't find anything.
  8. No one knows. If the only thing holding you back is your score, I would still apply if I were you. I don't think most people expected it to drop from 383 to 380 last year. If anything, you'll get experience writing the essays.
  9. If you have experiences that you believe will highlight your application then go for it. I should note that I know of people who commented "none" in this section and have gotten in to Schulich. It doesn't mean you won't get invited to an interview, so don't feel pressured to come up with something.
  10. It should be in the first section. Look at what the Toronto Admissions Facebook page video here and go to about 2 minutes. It shows Section A: Relationship With Applicant.
  11. I continue to respect all your views & opinions and appreciate your perspectives on these matters.
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