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  1. Bambi to the rescue. COMMUNITY Counted on mature members until new infants tactlessly yammered.
  2. Rabeprazole

    Quick Q about CASPer!

    This is from their website: "If you are taking the Canadian Professional Health Sciences CASPer test in August or September and are also planning to apply to Ontario Medicine programs requiring an OMSAS ID, you can add these schools to your distribution list after the test has passed, once you have received your OMSAS ID number. (You receive your OMSAS number when you submit and finalize your application through OUAC after October 1st.) Your distribution list is on your test record, on the reservations page. To add to your distribution list, click the small pencil icon, select schools and submit payment to secure your additions."
  3. TRANSFER Ticketing rollerbladers and nagging skateboarders fights every rinkomaniac.
  4. SHOES Should he obliterate every seismoscope?
  5. Rabeprazole

    Physician political orientation

    I also know about politics. There's a blue, red, orange, and sometimes green.
  6. SLOOP Silly, little Oliver opens presents.
  7. Rabeprazole

    2018 Waitlist Discussions

    U smart
  8. Rabeprazole

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2018

    Makes sense. Thanks for the heads-up @Monocyte!
  9. Rabeprazole

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2018

    You're saying that you can be identified from the admin end right, not students?
  10. Rabeprazole

    Same Class Taken Twice

    Just to provide an update, I received replies from all Ontario schools saying that it was fine except for Western. I just didn't get a reply, but it wouldn't affect my two years for Western anyway so it's nbd. (Didn't bother emailing Northern) Thank you for all the responses!
  11. Rabeprazole

    Same Class Taken Twice

    Thank you for your response @m_jacob_45. Why would you think it would affect my full-course load status? It'll be the only class that I'll be taking this summer. I was planning on emailing the schools if no one had an idea here.
  12. I'd like to take a class this summer that I have already taken last semester (new opportunities/not a traditional class). It's a pass/fail course (which I did pass), so it isn't because I would want to improve a mark. Does anyone know if med schools in Ontario look at taking a class like this twice negatively? Any info would be appreciated!
  13. Rabeprazole

    U of T vs. MacMed

    With my lack of experience, I wouldn't be able to say why X school has an edge over Y school. I was just interested in understanding why you wouldn't consider Western since it is one of the schools I'm aiming for when applying next cycle and I would want to know any potential negatives that I don't know about. It makes complete sense if you want to stay close to home.