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  1. That's if you "Submit a New Message". If I'm not mistaken, that doesn't apply to uploading a document.
  2. Rabeprazole

    Med school with low GPA?

    I would say that it is possible. An example of a school that looks at your top two years is Schulich in London, so you wouldn't have to sorry about your GPA as much. If you are out of the SWOMEN area, you would have to get a pretty high MCAT score (esp. CARS). Overall, look into different schools' requirements because you definitely can apply.
  3. Rabeprazole

    Ask a question for the person below you.

    REVIVING THE DEAD. Considering Bitcoin is up to ~$8000 rn, I don't feel. Juggling or magic?
  4. I also did and I also noticed the difference, however I believe that the PDF resizes the font based on how much you write. For example, when you first write in a text box it's bigger, but as you fill it up, the font automatically decreases. It's not like it changes to a different typeface though. No need to worry!
  5. STUDENTS State three unique desires, each notable to superheroes.
  6. How'd yours get so big? o.O Although I have yet to finish, it still hasn't passed a megabyte...
  7. Rabeprazole

    ABS Verifier "Title"

    Yep or their role in general!
  8. Also wondering about renaming the file. I would think to keep it as is, as they don't explicitly say to change it and by asking just for initials in the application rather than first and last name, they don't want identifiers.
  9. You could go about it either way, where it makes a difference is the amount of hours per selected amount of time. For example, you could use the more than 3 years option, but for time performing activity it would be "Done once every 2 to 3 months". If you wanted to combine it, you could say less than 3 months, then put the time as hours per month or hours per week. I hope this helps!
  10. Also wondering about this section. I feel like this is where you would talk about big life events that you may have had to go through (ex. illness, death in the family/friend group, adverse experiences), however I'm not sure if mundane situations are meant for this (ex. missing a flight, bone fracture, etc). Does anyone have any ideas or is comfortable with sharing the topic of what they talked about? That would help with getting an idea of whether we should approach this section. I feel that the title of the section "About You" may be misleading and I don't want to dramatize any challenges I may have faced.
  11. Actually, I think that they could mean both. This is because diverse individuals will inherently have differing perspectives. I think the bottom line is how you explain your activity that's introduced you to "diversity". Good luck!
  12. Rabeprazole

    "Letters of Support"

    Yes, this is correct. I would assume that this is so that applicants aren't tempted to stretch the truth in their responses. However, you shouldn't be worried, in the rare case that your verifier is contacted, they'll likely tell you about it. Good luck!
  13. Rabeprazole

    OMSAS Number

    If you mean OMSAS Reference Number: after you login to the OMSAS page where you did your application, you should see it on your left side under your username and Log out button. Additionally, it should have also been in the email that confirmed you submitted the app.
  14. Rabeprazole

    U of T Word processing issues

    One option was to write it in the OMSAS text box then copy/paste to Word to keep track of word count. Tedious, but what can you do. Again, it wasn't supposed to affect us this year.