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  1. Thank you all so much for putting up with the neuroticism. WE GOT THE INV!
  2. Fr and I hope in an expedited manner cuz yo, I got a physiology exam this afternoon and I'm tryna get that electronic mail before all that madness
  3. Congrats all of you! This is so awesome. You got it @UbcSci, I'll give you all the false hope you need
  5. I would disagree with you there. UBC is pretty darn transparent when comparing to other schools. Like they literally tell you, you will hear everything you need to know for interviews between Dec 9 and 13. Sure it sucks waiting in between, but this isn't Toronto 3-4 month wait level suck.
  6. People have speculated about alphabetical order by last name. At the end of the day, admissions are really only the ones who know
  7. Yo... this thread is already at 59,968 views... that's crazy... The thread from last year is only at 36,890 views... Hello lurkers.
  8. Clear troll. Don't get so easily baited people. If this kind of information was concrete, chances are that many more people would know.
  9. Here ya go: http://forums.premed101.com/topic/102375-interview-invites-regrets-20182019-– dim-the-lights-and-here-we-go/ From counting the regrets posted from last year and this year: roughly 26 posted last year and roughly 43 posted this year (so far?) I say roughly because I may have missed something or counted someone who posted twice as a duplicate (I tried to avoid these). It seems that there's quite a bit more activity this year. Yes, I could have been doing something more useful, but the deed is done.
  10. I hope we all can find the best school for us if UBC isn't meant to be. We can do this! For those receiving regrets, what time did the email come? I'm just trying to get an idea if the emails are staggered or all at one time. Thanks!
  11. Sorry about that! My understanding was clearly wrong, thank you for the clarification @HugeEuge @Goldfish123 @HongHongHong @kronos This is what they have on the blog post @HongHongHong posted: We have made some changes to how we communicate feedback to applicants this year, and hope that the information below can help to answer some of your questions. OGPA = Overall GPA in UBC percentage AGPA = Adjusted GPA in UBC percentage NAQ Score Range = In order to make sure applicants receive a fair score for this section, all file reviewers are carefully trained, there are various checks throughout the process to ensure consistency in marking, and results are standardized to make up for any scoring variations between reviewers. Due to these safeguards we do not accept requests for re-evaluation of the non-academic section. My Result = The combination of your academic and non-academic evaluations, in comparison to the BC resident and out of province cutoffs. It may look like your result is very close to the cutoff. We have double-checked these files for accuracy, so unfortunately, your result may be close, but not quite at the level to be invited to interview this year. Ineligible: no results Regrets, Partial File Review: OGPA, AGPA (if applicable) Regrets, No Interview: OGPA, AGPA (if applicable), NAQ Score Range, and My Result indicator Invited to Interview: no results This means that what they send out is different than previous years. No AQ score.
  12. My understanding was that the 75/85 was the cutoff to get your file reviewed fully and the cutoffs for interviews are at the bottom of the interim statistics.
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