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  1. I resonate with your username.
  2. Fight the good fight Time Lord. I hope and pray for the best for you in these trying times.
  3. Just watch. Most remaining invites and rejections will be sent out on April 1st to symbolize how much of a joke this whole process is.
  4. That's if you get fruit.
  5. Rejections to any of those not in third year and met cut offs?
  6. Literally no clue what I should do. SWOMEN, exceeded all cut offs, rejected. Just really, really surprised. The only school that I have left is Toronto. Congratulations to everyone else! I hope you all do great.
  7. Rabeprazole

    Ask a question for the person below you.

    Neither. I've never had the pleasure of developing a dependence for either. However, if I was forced to drink one, tea is my choice. Spring or fall?
  8. Hey there! I was just wondering what year the backpacks were first given to medical students. Thanks!
  9. Rabeprazole

    Med School Backpacks

    I don't know why I didn't get a notification for any of this, thanks @xiphoid!
  10. Time Stamp: January 10th at 1:41 pm Invite/Reject: Rejected GPA: 3.97 CARS: 127 Casper: Felt really poorly. I guess I'll have to work harder for next year. Geography: IP Good luck to those who will be interviewing!
  11. Congratulations everyone! Well deserved
  12. Honestly, don't we all want the peace of mind? I want to receive my rejection, so I can start worrying about the other schools. Smh mac, know your audience. I also love how this started. We're 4 pages in and it has solely been discussion.
  13. My friend just sent me an email titled, "Acceptance to McMaster Medical School". Unfriended.
  14. More like: "Calling all medical school applicants in/near Ottawa or those who have the time and/or money to get here..." Forgive me, the urge to add a pinch of salt was too strong.
  15. Rabeprazole

    Backup Plan for a Graduating 4th Year?

    I've never heard of this before, could you please elaborate on this?
  16. SOMETIMES Should ocean mammals eat timbits in mildly entertaining synchrony?
  17. Is this true for the other schools in Ontario too?
  18. Rabeprazole

    Opting out of Turnitin

    Ok so what I want to know is if they put the Western abbreviated sketch through Turnitin. If so, I should probably opt out. :| Anyone have any idea?
  19. Rabeprazole

    What are you listening to?

  20. Rabeprazole

    Does Undergraduate school matter?

    This. Don't underestimate the utility of knowing people who are taking and have taken the classes you will be in. You can definitely go in blind for the "experience", but in the long run, you can get yourself closer to that coveted 4.0 if you can expect the punches thrown your way. But to answer your question, they don't care what school/program you're in as long as you cover the requirements and are competitive.
  21. Rabeprazole

    Research outside of the hard sciences

    Not only is it good, it might be even better because it's different.