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  1. Hi everyone, I just received an interview invite from the Tulane School of Medicine in New Orleans. You can imagine my excitement, it's like a child after having coffee the first time. I was wondering if anyone has any experience concerning, or has heard about Tulane's interview and program? Thank you! For those wondering: My first cycle was a 3.66/4.0, MCAT 513, sciences: 130,130, cars: 127 and psy/soc: 126. Crappy written statement (no idea what and how to write). Applied to the University of Calgary, no interview. 20th percentile on subjective assessment of personal characteristics. This is my second cycle, planning to apply to Ontario schools, UofC and UofA. GPA is a flat 3.7, mcat is the same one (wrote it once). Much better letters and statements.
  2. Thank you Serendi! I'll be sure to check things out!
  3. Nothing to do with the numbers, but remember that when you get out there you can make it back. Even working as a fast-food worker and moving up, you'll make money in your lifetime (no offense to people in that industry, I did that too).Money is just a means!
  4. Most canadian schools discard the GPA of your worst year, and most applications will give you an opportunity to explain why first year went poorly. EDIT: DISCARD, THEY DO DISCARD YOUR WORST YEAR, I don't know how i overlooked that >.>
  5. I just looked at this after posting a thread seeking advice for my own situation. A 528 is amazing, I actually laughed when I saw that, GPA isn't a worry, you've passed the mark you have to. I can't say much about your chances, but I think I can say you don't have to worry about those two bringing you down. As for ECs, it's broad and one might say it might not show commitment, but if you stress the nature of your work and the time-commitment it requires, it's understandable. If you've done anything at work, like sit on a council or manage journal club activities, it would emphasise the quality of inquisitiveness or scientific curiosity etc. You can milk that a bit. Best of luck!
  6. Hi everyone, My friend suggested I join and look around on the forums here and it's been a great help. I was just wondering if anyone could give me a rough idea about what my chances are for getting into anything. I'm applying under the EDP for Tulane, and hoping to complete an MD/MBA program there. I also wanted to get an opinion on the best school for me to apply through the EDP. In terms of numbers my GPA is a 3.71/4.0, I'm doing my 5th year of Biological Sciences (honours program) at the University of Calgary. MCAT was a 513 (first year of new exam), wrote it once, 130 on both sciences, 127 cars and 126 psych. Others: I've been volunteering in a lab since Sept 2016, now doing research in that lab under a studentship. More research for my honours project for my fifth year. As for EC, I've got about 350+ hours at a senior home, 350 at a hospital (gift store), 7 years of karate. Two years of tutoring 1st year stats. On another note, I've been on a student exchange, the Korean government gave me a pretty nice scholarship. I'm pretty confident in my LOR writers. My writing is pretty decent, won a scholarship from our local union through an essay competition. Still, the personal comments and activities scare the crap outta me. I'm on a time crunch and the EDP deadline is in 4 days, haven't been able to get any consultants review my writing. I was thinking of applying to these schools (includes Canadian schools): Tulane University School of Medicine 08/01/17 Central Michigan University College of Medicine 11/30/17 Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science 11/01/17 Michigan State University College of Human Medicine 11/01/17 New York Medical College 12/15/17 Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University 11/15/2017 University of California, Davis, School of Medicine 10/01/2017 University of California, Los Angeles David Geffen School of Medicine 10/16/2017 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine 10/15/2017 Wayne State University School of Medicine 12/31/2017 McGill University Faculty of Medicine 11/01/2017 Queen's University Faculty of Health Sciences 09/15/2017 University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry 10/01/2017 University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine 09/15/2017 University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine 10/01/2017 The University of Western Ontario - Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry 09/15/2017 University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine 09/15/2017 McMaster University Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine 10/01/2017 University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine 10/01/2017 Can't say much about what the MSAR says about these schools (don't want to get my butt kicked) but I'm pretty sure I sit on the median for all the American schools here. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I feel pretty anxious without having some numbers out other, even with the MSAR, it doesn't tell me much about how us Canadian applicants fare in the other playground. If someone would like to review my essays, or vice-versa (would like someone to review yours, I'll do it for free, not $300 and a huge chunk of your soul), fire me a message! Thanks in advance!
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