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  1. etimtab

    Queens MD Invites/Regrets 2018

    Result: Regrets Time Stamp: 3:06pm EST cGPA: 3.79 Year: 2nd year MSc MCAT: C/P 128, CARS 127, BB 128, PS 130 (513) ECs: I thought I had a good and varied amount of experience involving community service, leadership, teammwork, and in healthcare related fields. Geography: IP I'm really feeling a little lost at the moment. I don't know what I need to be doing...
  2. etimtab

    uOttawa Interview 2018 Discussion

    Got rejected for an interview but this was included in the rejection email: "Occasionally, vacancies occur during the interview process, Should this happen, you may be contacted (by telephone or by email) for an interview." Does this mean I'm waitlisted? It's kind of annoying if not because it feels like giving someone a false sense of hope to linger on to. Realistically speaking, what are the odds of getting contacted for an interview after not being offered a spot?
  3. Invite/Rejection: reject Time Stamp: 7:06pm est Location: IP Stream: english wGPA: 3.79 Current year: 2nd year MSc ECs: Pretty decent amount of ECs with varied interests I think Casper: I thought it went pretty well. A few questions I felt weak on but for the most part I felt really good about it.
  4. etimtab

    McMaster Interview Invites/Regrets 2018

    Invite/Reject: Reject (MD) GPA: 3.79 CARS: 127 Casper: Felt good about it. Not amazing, but I thought I was decent. IP, 2nd year MSc
  5. I want to ask my supervisor to be one of my three referees, but I know that he also needs to write an extra "Graduate Supervisor Letter" that strictly speaks of my academic attributes only. I feel like my supervisor will simply send the same letter twice, with very few modifications, if any. I know that the personal and graduate reference letters are viewed independently of each other, but do you guys think it would be a problem if both letters are very similar to each other? I mean, how much can you talk about essentially the same thing in two different ways?
  6. Thanks a lot for your feedback, everyone! I didn't know the potential for being accepted OOP but not IP was that high. You've motivated me to put some more focus into those OOP applications that I meet the cutoff for. Best of luck to everyone as well.
  7. Sorry, added them to main post. cGPA 3.79, MCAT is 513 (127 for CARS)
  8. I am based in Ontario and I'm wondering what the odds are of being accepted in an out-of-province school if I don't get accepted to an in-province school. I am asking because I am trying to decide whether I should bother applying to an OOP school (or which ones to apply to) or if I should instead focus more on trying to enhance my in-province applications more and making them as best as can be. Furthermore, are there certain scenarios that would make me more likely to be accepted OOP but not IP? Thanks! Edit: cGPA is 3.79(/4.00), MCAT is 513 (CARS is 127 - 128/127/128/129)