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  1. Honestly it just seems like you're salty and jealous. Go write your own papers or whatever instead of being envious of others and complaining/crying lmao
  2. I have to learn organic chem, some physics and some biology (physiology) from scratch (I know all of biochem and chemistry). Do you think Kaplan + KA will be enough to cover everything?
  3. @frenchpress what source(s) did you use to learn the material you had to learn from scratch? Does any of the study material contain enough info to learn things from scratch like that?
  4. @hartk48 on a note unrelated to this topic, I don't think you can control whether you go to a doctor that strived to do well in med school or not. Med school in Canada is just laid out that way. Pass fail system breeds taking it easy. My older cousin is in med and he had a strong undergrad in science and he said it's very easy to wing it and pass lol so much for the "You're more than just your grades" philosophy of med nowadays :')
  5. To be absolutely blunt I feel like taking like 10-15 years out of your life after high school to grind and become a doctor when you could've been partying In college (well I know I could've) is punishment enough. I'd rather not reduce my quality of life further by being on call I'm not particularly interested in family medicine but not being on call appeals to me.
  6. @YesIcan55 lmao you must be my biggest fan. It's called freedom of speech, I don't think I've said anything wrong at all. People who come on an anonymous forum to complain aren't the winners. Whining and complaining isn't what winners do. That's all I'm saying. You're taking it very personally which tells me you are one of the people that I'm referring to. Someone who is probably barely squeaking by, that's why you're taking these comments very personally as I've somehow personally attacked you.
  7. Good afternoon everyone, I have a question pertaining to what it means to be on call. Is this usually a contractual obligation if you work at the hospital? Is there any way to avoid it or do hospitals not give you a job if you don't want to be on call. Is the only way to circumvent this process is by having a private practice (FM, Plastics, Derm, etc.)?
  8. Failures always complain lmao IMG should be banned completely so people can't shortcut their way in with sucky marks and downgrade the profession as a whole
  9. Hey everyone, I'm having some trouble understanding how the rolling applications work for US MD as this is quite different from Canadian medical schools. Approximately when is the deadline for applications? Additionally, when is the latest time you can sit in for the mcat and complete your perquisites if you want to enter USMD in the next year following degree completion (year 5). I know it's different for each school I imagine but I just need a rough estimate. For example, If I complete my perquisites in the last year of my degree (4th year), how will they calculate my prereq GPA unless I apply in the summer after 4th year. This would mean I would get interviews in year 5 and get admitted in year 6. This means there would be a gap year (year 5) wouldnt it? I'm quite confused about the timeline for when stuff has to be done in order to transition into a US med school in the year directly following the last year of my degree (hypothetically if I get in I mean). I hope someone would be able to please clarify this for me. Thank you
  10. Hey, thanks for the advice! I appreciate it. That's pretty complicated to tell then Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to read through both book sets, I wish I did! Essentially I'm just going to use TPR or Kaplan book set (undecided) as the primary source along with KA and AAMC. So basically 3 things. But choosing between TPR and Kaplan is becoming quite the dilemma!
  11. Hello everything, I know this is overkill at this point because everyone asks but I have a general question about TPR (2nd edition) vs Kaplan (2018-2019). I've been reading a lot of conflicting information regarding which mcat book set has a higher level of detail. Some say Kaplan has more information while others say TPR has more information. Can anyone shed some light on this issue for me please. Does one book set indeed contain more info than the other or does it depend on the specific subject. If so, any insight would be greatly appreciated. I am not worried about an overkill of information (imo it's better to have extra information rather than less -- I just don't want to miss any information. I also need a relatively comprehensive overview in org and physics as I've never taken org and I'm generally starting to forget the second physics material). Therefore, I want to use the set that has more information/detail for each subject as my primary source (obviously supplemented with other sources such as KA, AAMC, etc.). In advance, thank you!
  12. 3.87 isn't that bad at all lol even 4.0 is easy. It's the percentage schools like usask and Ubc that are bad because a 90 doesn't look too good in a percentage system whereas it's a 4.0 in a gpa system which is a breeze.
  13. @bigboydyo I respect and understand what you're saying honestly. But in my opinion if they aren't In the top 170 people (like in you're example), they don't deserve it. If you're a great medical applicant but like 20% of applicants are better THAN YOU at the game of admissions then you don't deserve entry regardless of how great of a doctor you'd make. Like just a random analogy, let's say you're a great track and field star. You're excellent. But not in the top 1% that gets to go to the Olympics. Then that's it. There is no way to short cut your way into the Olympics. You stay in the provincials etc. but no Olympics for you. If every decent runner could make it to the Olympics then the Olympics would suck wouldnt they lol I don't know why people assume this is a troll. It is not. Allowing ways to bypass competition undermines the integrity and legitimacy of any system (medicine is just an example).
  14. @Bigboydyo I think you're not understanding my point. Of course excellence in academia and ECs doesn't correlate with being a good doctor. In fact when you break it down, even knowledge of school based stuff like sciences etc. Is very irrelevant in clinical practice. All these are just hoops you have to jump through to attain the end goal. It's a silly game we play. You're not gonna be randomly doing Lewis structures or something while practicing lmao! My point is that in my opinion a high competition should be maintained in order to keep the profession legit. Backup plans like the states, Caribbean, England, etc. All allow an entry way for people who aren't good enough to get in here. By good enough I mean on a competitive scale. If they excelled at academia, ECs, interviewing, and everything else they would just get in here. Because no one wants to be an IMG by choice. They do it because they have no other choice, bluntly put they simply aren't good enough to get in here. And no I'm not jealous at all because I'm not too worried, I'm very confident I'll get in here in Canada anyways. I'm just sad because allowing people that aren't good enough to normally make it into med deteriorates the integrity and prestige of the profession as a whole.
  15. Your level of intellect and convoluted logic is exactly why medicine is a fairly mediocre profession. I am not sure where I mentioned that cultural, socioeconomic factors, etc. don't hold any weight. Furthermore, your post supports mine greatly, thanks! I owe you one bud. Think about what you're saying for 2 seconds. How much does a medical school in canada cost? How much does one in the carribean cost? If you want to bring up socioeconomic factors and financial stability, you should be on my side because not everyone can afford to pay their way into fake med schools can they? There is no standardized competition and equality if individuals that have money can pay their way in, right Mr. Holistic guy?
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