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  1. I know someone with a high GPA and good ECs who got invites at 2 other schools who was rejected form UofT in January.
  2. Hi everyone! I'm looking for some advice on what to do with my hair for interview season. I am a male and I have decently long hair right now. My hair is thick and curls at the ends, and is currently just above shoulder length. I am concerned that if I keep my hair long, I could get some negative impressions from adcom. However, I also have alopecia areata. Currently this means I have a few bald spots on my head (couple of toonie sized ones on top of my head, and a quarter sized one on the side). These prevent me from getting a really short clean looking hair cut. Should I keep my hair long and just get it cleaned up and slick it back for the interviews? Should i get a medium length haircut that is professional but still covers my spots? Or should i get it short and try to cover up the spots with colouring (never tried this before).
  3. Hi, I am a BC resident who scored a 129/125/128/130 on the MCAT. I am trying to decide if I want to retake it this summer or not. What Canadian Med schools are options for me (88% average thus far). FYI, I applied to only UBC this year (currently a 3rd year) and missed an interview by 0.6 points.
  4. Damn, so close.... TIME STAMP: 5:12 PST Interview Invite or Regrets: Regrets Early or Regular Deadline: Regular GPA: 88.14 MCAT: 129/125/128/130 ECs: 5 years of summer camps, respite worker (1 month only), exec of club (2 years), youth leader (1 year), founded club (in HS), elderly home volunteer (in HS), peer tutor (in HS), + 1 other long term job, and some other small stuff like sports/activites/etc. No clinical or research. Current Degree: 3rd year H.BSc Geography: IP NAQ: 23.43 AQ: 27.63 TFR: 51.05 Don't know if its worse to be this close and get rejected, or be not even close to getting an interview... The EC deadline hurt my application quite a bit, so hopefully another year of ECs will get my NAQ where it needs to be. Next year ill be able to add prez of club, another year of being a respite worker, another year of summer camps, hopefully some clinical experience, and some other little stuff.
  5. Who else is going to have a mini heart attack every time their phone vibrates tomorrow?
  6. Feedback would be awesome, Im currently in my 3rd year at UBC (BC resident) 1st year average = 87.7 (Nothing below an A-) 2nd year average = 88.4 (nothing below an A-) MCAT: 129/125/128/130 = 512 School commitments: -3 years of involvement in school mental health club (now chair) -intramural hockey Community commitments: -4 years of summer camp experience (High school) -1 year of volunteering at care home (High school) -1 term of being a peer tutor (High school) -2 years of being a youth group leader Work experience: -2 years working at a restaurant (High school) -2 summers working at summer camp (different than other summer camp above) -6 months being a respite worker for young adult with ASD The place that I feel that I am lacking is clinical and research experience, but how much do you guys think this will affect my application? Thanks!
  7. While filling out the non-academic activities, would you suggest to break up different roles within the same organization? For example, I volunteered at a summer camp for 4 years, the first year as kitchen crew, the second year as counselor in training, the third year as counselor, and the 4th year as senior counselor. Since I have quite a few other activities to fit into these categories too, I was thinking about putting kitchen staff and counselor in training together in service ethic, and putting counselor and senior counselor together in leadership. Would they still see this as a 4 year commitment, or do I risk them only recognizing them as 2 separate 2 year commitments? Any advice or explanations on how you did similar activities would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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