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    Second undergraduate 2yr GPA

    Im pretty sure you need to have completed the requirements for a 4 year degree by june 30th. The 2nd degree GPA will only be considered if its a 4 year degree, which you could finish earlier than four years (overload+summer courses). But unfortunately if you have only done one year you wont likely be able to use the gpa from it
  2. I took classics 2200 and absolutely loved it! I am taking like 5 classics courses this year because I loved it so much. I am taking 2300 right now and I find that its quite simple but definitely harder to love just because the information is not as interesting but its still good and all the midterms/exams are noncumulative (2200 final is cumulative but I didn't find it hard). You really need to do the readings for 2200 to get a 90 but 85+ without the readings is very doable. Ive taken all the courses you listed except physpharm3000E. I loved all of them! All the courses are really good but a lot of work and memorization so don't take them lightly. 3120 was probably the hardest out of them just because of the cumulative final and LOTS of information. You honestly can't go wrong with any of these courses the questions are very fair and the exams are honestly not overly difficult
  3. I have heard that MCAT and GPA are about 50% post-interview but no one really knows. They don't look at your ABS before the interview to determine if you should get one (or even afterwards from what I have heard). I am actually not sure about LOR's I don't think its really looked at. I actually know this person who got in recently with stats right on the cutoff (they were swomen though) and they got in so your interview really does mean a lot. I also know someone with excellent stats who was waitlisted and I don't think they were a bad interviewer because they got into a lot of other schools, so you can't be overly confident with good stats but it definitely helps! I honestly think it is good that you are going into this with a modest outlook! I saw a lot of people who were extremely disappointed with no interviews and excellent stats (3.9+ 515+). I really think you can do it though! Hopefully the schools are receptive to the other parts of your application
  4. I have been contemplating what I will do if I don't get in this year (which is very likely). I don't want to do a masters because I do want to apply next year. Am I allowed to do accelerated nursing and still apply before its completion? I wouldn't be using it for GPA purposes and I think it would be a good plan B for me if I don't get into medical school at all. I really don't want to take the spot from someone else but medical school isn't a for sure thing and I'd hate to just waste a year. I'm still not even sure if I am going to apply I just want to know what my options are.
  5. youknownothing95

    Question about SWOMEN

    So basically there are some people (who did not do 4 years in a swomen area but graduated from a swomen high school) who are offered an interview but it is their job to let the admissions office know that they don't actually qualify under the SWOMEN rules? Because they are not lying on their application about which high school they graduated from but they still need to have done the 4 years to qualify? I was just worried at first that I was missing a part of the application where you stated how many years you attended a swomen high school but now I'm just curious.
  6. youknownothing95

    Question about SWOMEN

    They assign a certain number of interviews so wouldn't it be unfair for non-swomen applicants that there are some people who have interviews who aren't even swomen and will get rejected on interview day but still take up interview spots? I mean if UWO doesnt have some specific method of determining who is SWOMEN then thats the answer to my question -that I just don't have anything specific I have to do to prove I am swomen up until a possible interview day. I was just not sure if I was missing something in my application or not.
  7. youknownothing95

    Question about SWOMEN

    Yeah but the thing is that on the application they only ask for what high school you graduated from. There is no area that asks if you are SWOMEN. So how will they know who to assign interviews to? Because you could have graduated from a SWOMEN school but that doesnt mean you did all 4 years there.
  8. youknownothing95

    Question about SWOMEN

    Not that i've seen they only ask you what high school you graduated from. Thats why I am worried that I am missing something because I'm not sure how they are verifying your status.
  9. youknownothing95

    Question about SWOMEN

    But how would they know before they grant an interview? They obviously grant a certain number of interviews so wouldnt they need to know before hand who is actually swomen?
  10. Ok, so I know 100% that I am a SWOMEN candidate because I have lived in london since the 3rd grade and did all years of high school here. In the OMSAS application, it just says that you have to mention what high school you graduated from. I saw that they changed the requirements so that now you have to do all 4 years of highschool in a SWOMEN area in order to qualify as a SWOMEN candidate (when did this start by the way?). My question is how are they going to know which students did all 4 years of high school in a SWOMEN area vs those who did 1-3 and just graduated from a SWOMEN high school? I just don't know if I am missing something?
  11. youknownothing95


    It says that UWO doesn't require any additional details for your ABS. If I am applying to only uwo this year can I just put N/A in those sections? Has anyone ever been in the same position?
  12. youknownothing95

    SWOMEN Minimum Score

    im assuming they will take psych into account just because they have no reason not to. I think if they do you will definitely get an interview. I am hoping to squeeze in with only a 510 if the cutoffs for non swomen is 126/129/128/127 then that would be enough for me to get an interview with swomen status but im not sure how many people can actually reach that 129 without the old mcat pool. I think im probably the only one rooting for the cars to remain 129 so the overall score is lower since im swomen.
  13. why do you think the bio section would be 126? Currently, the chem/phys section is 126 so i'd bet that would make more sense don't you think?
  14. youknownothing95


    im not sure how to delete posts?
  15. youknownothing95

    Amino Acids Qs

    make sure you know all the amino acids structures and everything there were at least 3 questions on mine where I needed to just know the structure(i took it last year). I have found that ALL of my friends also had similar questions like this. So yes do know the structures well -- i usually wrote them all out at the beginning during the tutorial. My cousin took it last week and also found a few questions like this. Hope this helps!