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  1. I am doing the exact same thing. I won't believe until I have it in writing!!
  2. Does it just simply have a blank where Offer would be? Hoping as well for wait list...
  3. I'm so scared to look at OMSAS!!! Nuts that it is already there online...
  4. Oh! A bit later this year then? It was May 9th I had thought last year
  5. So should we hear in the next few days? Anyone contact admissions? Good luck everyone
  6. Status: Rejected Time: 1:11 p.m. Congratulations on all of those who got in! Best of luck to those in my boat, we will be successful!
  7. I've heard that acceptances go out all day
  8. Us just being hopefully optimistic again!
  9. I had the feeling it was a canned answer that they could have been giving since last Friday, you know?
  10. I have a judgment on the situation that we are in right now...
  11. "We do not give out a specific date just in case of any power outages because then there would be a lot of upset people. All I can tell you is that it will be in March sometime and if you provided the correct email you will be informed when it is released" - the response I just got. Also she was rather apologetic that she couldn't give me more information.
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