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  1. Anybody got off of the waitlist from USyd DMD? Looks like 15 waitlisted student got their offer within 24 hrs. And Oztrekk is concerned about the validity of the offer. Lol This is like a rollercoaster ride
  2. 20 DAT with no interview at UWA. Tell me this is not true... whats your DAT like?
  3. It seems like DAT for those accepted to Aussie dental schools have increased over the past couple of years. Would 20/20/20 be competitive enough? Anyone???
  4. TPR online portal give you access to all aamc materials, hundreds of practices passages, course videos, and dozens of full length exams. It expires on July 20 2019. Let me know if you're interested. It'll be $200 for 4 months access.
  5. TIME STAMP: 11:40pm Result: Regret cGPA: 3.85 MCAT: NA Feeling about Casper: Iffy but answered all the questions ECs: some leadership positions, academic awards, lots of research, 3pub (2 first author, 1 co-author + 1 abstract Year: 4th (2nd UG) IP/OOP/International: OPP Letter of EC: No Comments:
  6. Are they out ready? How are we notified?
  7. I was invited last year 502 MCAT, but not this year.... So, I guess MCAT was my determinate factor for this cycle
  8. I scored 123 on my first MCAT... So I was always struggling on my CARS section
  9. Almost at the end of my 2nd UG...I bombed my 2nd MCAT, scoring a 500 121 CARS... Just wanted to share my stories....
  10. 1. Fill a satisfaction guarantee form 2. Wait for 2-3 days for them to call you back 3. If they don't call you, you call customer service, and they'll direct you to the the person who deals with satisfaction guarantee. 5. Tell them you're not satisfied with your mark, and you simply need access to the online system. Complain complain and complain Good luck!
  11. 1st call : $400/4months of extension 2nd call through the satisfaction guarantee: 9 months (270 days) extension for free. Cheers guys
  12. They're charging $400-500/4months...Any other ways to avoid the charges?
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