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  1. Haha
    Intermediate reacted to Falling in Pros And Cons Of Dent Vs Med   
    I can't believe a comment about looking at teeth was taken so seriously.
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    Intermediate reacted to Lvl3sonly in Is it harder to specialize as an Australian grad?   
    You are right that canadian educated dentists are higher caliber students. However, academic competency isn't really something that's needed (beyond a minimum threshold) out in the real world when you're an actual practicing dentist. 
    Maybe what you're saying applies for an applicant that went to a lower tier australian school, but I've seen sydney grads be just as competent as domestic grads. Helll, I'd take an australian grad any day over a foreign dentist who did a 2 year equivalency at a domestic canadian school.
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    Intermediate reacted to Everclear in Is it harder to specialize as an Australian grad?   
    By the end of the 4 years of Dental School, most Canadian trained dentists are far behind clinically and theoretically compared to their Australian and American counterparts. Experience and education are almost exclusively what makes one a good practioner. So if the Canada does indeed want to invest in their best, brightest and highest caliber, then by your logic, they should exclude Canadian trained dentists from that list.
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    Intermediate reacted to longteethgriffy in Is it harder to specialize as an Australian grad?   
    Yeah i'll tell you right now from first hand experience Canadian dental schools are not as bright and shiny as you think they are. Wouldn't say the quality of education I'm getting is at all impressive enough to shit talk other people. But it's difficult to have a discussion about this with someone who only goes by "I've talked to a lot of dentists and they've said this and that." People only tell half truths a lot of the time and you shouldn't take their word for it.
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    Intermediate reacted to HopefulDDS in Is it harder to specialize as an Australian grad?   
    @Chaxon Your opinion that Canadian dental schools are the end all be all must rest on one or both of two conditions. The first, Canadians have the only applicants worthy of practicing dentistry at the highest standards. The second being Canadian dental schools have superior education. Without these your opinion is baseless.
    The standard of practicing in Canada is laid out clearly as graduating from an accredited dental school along with passing the national board exams and obtaining licensure to practice in Canada. These examinations are in place to ensure that students have been prepared to the standard of all Canadian dentists before the entering the profession in Canada. Every practicing Canadian dentist I have spoken to has agreed any dentist who has graduated from an accredited school is technically qualified. They hire their associates primarily on their demeanour for doctor patient interactions. There is no concern for their technical skills because the system has ensured they will not be able to practice in Canada without first obtaining the knowledge and skill to practice. If foreignly graduated students were not qualified they would not proceed beyond the examination and licensure process just the same as Canadian graduates. 
    Now if we're talking about the caliber of that education, Canadian schools truly do not have much to hang their hat on. There is no indication that Canadian dental schools offer better education than the US, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand. No ranking available supports this. If anything, it is the opposite. (I definitely acknowledge rankings are somewhat flawed, but it is the only comparison tool available being anecdotal evidence). From my own anecdotal research, Canadian schools are struggling. If it is not enough funding for proper resources, it is lack of patients which leads to decreased clinical experience before graduation. If it is not their patient pool it is the dated curriculum design. The only thing special about Canadian schools is name recognition. Rejecting newly accredited schools because you haven't taken the time to learn about their programs is not a knock on them, but on you.
    I really see no basis in the claim that Canadian dental graduates should be the only dentists practicing in Canada because their merit warrants it. There is no basis because there is nothing extraordinary about the dentists they produce.
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    Intermediate reacted to longteethgriffy in Is it harder to specialize as an Australian grad?   
    Just getting into Canada doesn't prove you have work ethic lol. You really gotta stop speaking out of your ass
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    Intermediate reacted to HopefulDDS in Is it harder to specialize as an Australian grad?   
    1. @maritimefarm is not wrong according to Western's website. OMFS's page says Canada or the US as they indicated. Their GPR says accredited North American schools. And their Ortho says Canada, US, Australia or Ireland. So clearly it is a program by program basis. Just because it is accredited does not mean the program will consider them for specialization. Details matter.
    2. @Chaxon Going to the cheapest dental school for DDS/DMD does not mean you'll be the best applicant for specialization by any means. Everything before dental school that made you a good candidate for DDS/DMD means very little now. It is about how you succeeded and learned throughout dental school as well as the quality of education you had while at dental school. And let's just say cheap doesn't usually lead to quality education. 
  8. Haha
    Intermediate got a reaction from Happy_go in Interview Invites 2018/2019 cycle   
    Anybody received invite from 500MCAT? lol
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    Intermediate got a reaction from hopefullyafuturedoc in Giving up slowly...   
    Almost at the end of my 2nd UG...I bombed my 2nd MCAT, scoring a 500 121 CARS...

    Just wanted to share my stories....
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    Intermediate reacted to djdents in Uoft Class Of 2020 Acceptance/rejection/waitlist   
    This is crazy... how are people getting rejected with such insane stats?
  11. Haha
    Intermediate reacted to cleanup in How competitive is it for Ontario residents to get outside of province dental schools?   
    There are things outside of Ontario?
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    Intermediate reacted to codo00191 in Potential Date for NB Acceptances   
    Yup this Friday. The lady was very clear lol and very annoyed haha.
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    Intermediate got a reaction from hartk48 in TPR online access extension   
    1st call : $400/4months of extension
    2nd call through the satisfaction guarantee:  9 months (270 days) extension for free.
    Cheers guys
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    Intermediate reacted to hartk48 in TPR online access extension   
    I know at least 4 people who extended their course without a problem, just give them a call.
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    Intermediate reacted to canada747 in TPR online access extension   
    also did this, just call them and explain. they usually do it, no hassle
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    Intermediate reacted to JDD in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Result: Accepted
    Time Stamp: 5:53 (PST)
    cGPA: 3.30
    2YGPA: 3.99
    Year: Last Year of Second Undergrad
    MCAT: 13/11/11 (35)
    ECs: Paramedic, Hospital Volunteer, First Aid Volunteer, Tutoring, Research (no pubs), Sports etc etc (PM for Full)
    Geography: OOP (BC)
    First and only interview, felt really good doing it, had a lot of fun. Will be accepting, looking forward to meeting some of you
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    Intermediate reacted to Physiognomy in Accepted, waitlisted, rejected 2017-2018 (actual stats start on P8)   
    I got my waitlist email at 11:20 am
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    Intermediate reacted to nontradmunmed in Accepted, waitlisted, rejected 2017-2018 (actual stats start on P8)   
    Got mine 45 mins ago.
    for stats purposes: 
    Non-trad (have a phd, no science background, way older that y'all and I have a kid)
    GPA was crap in first 2 years of undergrad then I dropped out, worked for 3 years, and went back getting all As through to a phd. 
    Lots of work experience in shelters, women's centers, and non-profits internationally and in Canada. 
    Lots of volunteer experience in harm reduction, anti-poverty, and a bunch of other stuff.
    MCAT was a hardcore squeaker at 500. 
    Seriously people if i I can do it you all can. Never quit! It's my second time applying and last year I didn't even get an interview.
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    Intermediate reacted to Riemann in Accepted, waitlisted, rejected 2017-2018 (actual stats start on P8)   
    First name or last? Lol
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    Intermediate got a reaction from MemUni in Accepted, waitlisted, rejected 2017-2018 (actual stats start on P8)   
    12 hours remaining
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    Intermediate reacted to MemUni in Accepted, waitlisted, rejected 2017-2018 (actual stats start on P8)   
    I wish i could be excited but im just painfully nervous
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    Intermediate reacted to goodyearkl in Accepted, waitlisted, rejected 2017-2018 (actual stats start on P8)   
    Haha yes. LOL sorry that's true.  
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