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  1. Hi Ambassadors a few questions about "pre-req". i am planning on applying in 2 years (in last year of my professional degree); my core science gpa is low (2.8), but I also took physio, genetic, stat, cell bio (gpa of these is 3.5), I am also planning on taking mcat. The cavea is if I do not get admission the first round , my core pre reqs will "expire" by the year after as they would be more than 8 years by then. This may be a good thing as I would be retaking the core pre reqs and of course I would score very high on them given all my experiences by now. The questions are: 1) given my physiology, stat, genetic, cell bio would still be valid, should I definitely retake the core pre reqs that would be expired ? 2) if so, would it be okay if I take them at an institution that is super easy to get high marks or would that disadvantage me? 3) my ochem "lab" course will not be expired, would it be okay that the "new ochem course" would be taken at a different institution than the "ochem lab course"? thank you
  2. Thanks folks! These are great insights. regarding CASPer, do we get a "score" at the end? If so, what kind of score is considered competitive or as one said "will kick butt"? ; ) and i présume i only get to write CASPer once before the admission cycle, is this correct?
  3. Thanks qnzjlo, as per cv, I have had multiple hospital experiences (3-4 diff hospitals) as part of my professional degree; abroad internship at a hospital; volunteers at hospital; 8 months of research during school in 2 labs with 1 presentation but no pubs; great leadership positions within school ; exec member of a club during my professional degree; lots of tutoring; sports accomplishment; scholarships during undergrad and professional degree; I also have strong references . How would you compare it to successful applicants you have heard of? Poor? average? Good?
  4. Hello, Of course there is no official cut-off, but given 10 OOP with historic average of >3.9, should i even consider McGill with GPA below 3.7? i would have a solid EC letter for my low first year GPA, (2nd and 3rd were 3.8-3.9); and my second degree is a professional degree. any thoughts?
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