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  1. If you can increase your cGPA to >3.30, perform well on CARS (129-130+) and knock CASPER out of the park - then you might have a shot at McMaster. Make sure you take a full course load during each year of your second undergraduate degree. Calgary, Dalhousie, McGill, Queen's, Western, and Ottawa are all viable options. You only live once. Keep re-applying every year until you get in. Don't ever give up.
  2. Hi, I know that Western disregards repeated courses when determining a full course load. If I take 11 courses to off-set the repeated course, will the year still remain eligible for GPA calculation purposes? Thank you!
  3. Focus on destroying the MCAT and apply this cycle to Canadian schools. The U.S. MD/DO cycle has already started, and your application will be considered late if you apply now. Apply early next cycle to U.S. MD/DO schools and you will have an excellent shot at starting medical school in Fall 2019. The upward trend (especially if your 3rd year 2nd UG performance is also up to par) will help you massively.
  4. Canadian schools don't penalize prospective candidates based on the number of MCAT attempts. Only U.S. schools care about the number of MCAT attempts. The most recent overall score is what matters the most. As an International applicant, retaking the MCAT and not significantly improving your score (especially, if your first attempt was already low to begin with) will likely sink your application.
  5. Have you been taking a full course load every year in your 2nd UG degree? If so, that opens up the possibility of Western, provided you perform well on the MCAT. You also have a solid shot at Ottawa and Queens. McMaster is a bit of a long shot, as you would need an excellent CARS score and a solid CASPER performance, due to your low cGPA. As for OOP schools, I would definitely apply to McGill and Dalhousie.