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  1. Hopefully Occam's Razor does apply. I'll only be better next year and I hope I get a chance to compete without being on the blacklist lol
  2. I was rejected pre-interview, REALLY early, mid February. I was in third year and had a 3.96 GPA and what I thought were decently competitive ECs and reference letters, and I thought my essays were at least not terrible. And yet I was rejected even earlier than some applicants who didn't meet cutoffs. I doubt UofT reviewed more than a tiny portion of all the applications by the time they rejected me. I know about rolling admissions and all that, but I was wondering if somehow I got blacklisted. My application was honest and I don't think anything looked suspicious, but I did have my referees send their references electronically within like 2 minutes of each other (it was really cramped time-wise), idk if something like that got me blacklisted...this is really weird to me.
  3. Heading into my 4th year, If anyone's in Toronto and wants to prep together, either panels or MMI, let me know. I want to really dedicate time and effort to this, and my end goal is to be a multifaceted interview wizard haha. Hit me up if your goals are similar.
  4. KeyzerSoze

    how is interview scored?

    I'm also hoping it's not scored by each individual question, since I gave a pretty lackluster and confusing answer for one question.
  5. Thank you for showing more sympathy than any academic counselor ever did. Let's hope the admissions committee would show the same. I guess I am getting a bit ahead of myself. This might all be irrelevant if I don't get accepted lol. But again, thank you.
  6. So there were pretty bad family issues going on around February which caused me to bomb one midterm. I wasn't able to get accommodation for this. I interviewed this year. First question: What do they mean by "maintaining your average"? So if I'm in my third year this year, does that mean my overall gpa of all 3 years has to be above 3.85? Or does it mean my third year alone has to be above 3.85? The former would be around 3.83. The latter around 3.7. If I were to get an acceptance, do you think there's any chance I could make a case to keep it? Their website says acceptances MAY be revoked, not WILL be revoked...
  7. KeyzerSoze

    Late Withdrawal

    Anyone know the Late withdrawals work at UWO? I've read past threads that say late withdrawals aren't recorded as an F, but UWO website says if I withdraw past the drop deadline then the course is recorded as an F on my transcript. Is that what OMSAS sees? An F?
  8. I think I'm gonna start another thread for this... you've peaked my curiosity
  9. oh man. I wish I knew that lol.
  10. Yes it is. At least at my school dropping a course after the deadline shows up as an F on the transcript
  11. lmao I've already done the final. And besides, a 70-something is better than a late withdrawal, since I'm pretty sure the latter is interpreted as a 'fail'.
  12. Due to an abrupt and unforseen tragic circumstance in my family I completely neglected my schoolwork for about 1-2 weeks. I had to take a flight to another country. The day that I set foot back in the country, I had to rush back to school for a midterm that night. No exaggeration, the exact same night. Needless to say I bombed it. 40%. On a midterm for a full year course. Based on that one exam, I'm looking at a GPA for the year (third year) of either a 3.7 or 3.78. Decreasing my cGPA from a high 3.9 to anywhere from a high 3.8 to a low 3.9. This is my third year too. It'll be used for Ottawa and Queens. Mac looks at cGPA. On top of that, it's a downward trend. What do I do from here? I'm strongly leaning towards taking a fifth year.
  13. KeyzerSoze

    This Is Insane

    That's a level of existential angst I don't think anyone deserves. While I think he doesn't deserve to be a physician, I don't think anyone deserves to live life completely void of purpose. Sad how things might turn out
  14. KeyzerSoze

    This Is Insane

    If you’re not a medical student then don’t bother lmao