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  1. Anyone else mail their references in and still haven't seen the status update to "received" yet? OMSAS should've receive them weeks ago...
  2. KeyzerSoze

    UofT's ABS sketches

    I'd imagine it must be deliberate right? Kind of like them telling you "well you better describe your activities exorbitantly because we're not giving you any shortcuts". Lol damn
  3. KeyzerSoze

    UofT's ABS sketches

    Do the people that read these have access to your actual ABS? It'd be pretty dumb if they didn't...but I dunno
  4. KeyzerSoze

    Referee Received Confirmation?

    Yeah I'm having the same issue. Postal tracking says they should've received it in late August and my status still hasn't been updated yet.
  5. So I just finished my first draft of one of the mini essays and I'd really appreciate someone who has experience with the process to look it over. Thank you!!
  6. Some of these topics might be sensitive in nature given our current social clime (specifically the question about privilege and oppression), so I was wondering, do you guys think there's actually a right or wrong way to answer these questions? I know officially they're supposed to be open-ended but if theoretically someone were to say that privilege does not exist (i.e. women and visible minorities have no right to complain about anything), I can't imagine the human beings reading this not being offended. So are there answers to avoid?
  7. KeyzerSoze

    OMSAS Reference Letter Update

    Alright thanks. I know this is neuroticism to the max, but my references told me they didn't staple the pages together...OMSAS doesn't tend to lose pages do they? (lol)
  8. KeyzerSoze

    OMSAS Reference Letter Update

    A week after it was mailed in? Cuz one of my references gave me the tracking number and it says the letter is already delivered
  9. Is is true you can't see whether OMSAS has received your letters until after you submit your application? And how long do they typically take to update, because my references told me their mailed letters have all arrived.
  10. KeyzerSoze


  11. What does omsas do with them once they receive them? Do they publish them word for word onto their online database and then send them to med schools?
  12. KeyzerSoze

    Questions About Reference Letters

    I don't think he was saying that praise can harm me, it was more like he said the referee needed to mention weaknesses just so the adcoms would know they aren't kissing your ass or anything, to make the letter "whole". And yeah I think it's dumb as hell. I mean who the hell doesn't want to make good impressions on other people? And if I've succeeded at that I'll be punished for it? Nonsense I'm sure. Or at least I hope lol.
  13. I've known each of my three referees for at least 4 years. They've seen the best of me and I absolutely trust they'll give me glowing reference letters, with countless examples provided. But I had a conversation with someone today and that person said that if a reference letter praises the student too much then the Adcoms might see it as disingenuous or nonobjective. I don't know how true this is, but if it is true it doesn't seem very fair to me. I've busted my ass and done so much with these 3 people (who I know in a professional context and a professional context only) to make them trust me and believe in me and the letter won't feel genuine unless they write down a weakness about me?? I'm wondering specifically how UofT sees reference letters since they care the most about references. Any insight would be nice.
  14. So I've heard generally it's not great to have repetitive listings; e.g. I've won a few literature awards but since they're all for writing short stories should I just list them all under one item? And also since OMSAS has condensed the number down to 32, I figure there's probably more value in quality over quantity. Are there specific attributes I should watch for when deciding what items to include in the ABS?
  15. KeyzerSoze

    Venting about GPA conversion

    I'm genuinely sorry to hear that. I hope you find happiness wherever you end up.