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  1. KeyzerSoze

    Help with Applications

    And doesn't seem to be familiar enough with the application process to know when the deadline is. Quality service he's selling here.
  2. What? The odds are pretty damn bad of them contacting anyone at all, based on what I've heard. Based on your posting history I assume you're more familiar with schools out West, which are guaranteed to contact at least one verifier. To the OP, while you made a mistake, what you did wasn't unethical as it wasn't intentional. I think you'll be fine.
  3. KeyzerSoze

    U of T Med with high McMaster grads

    Increasing your chances of getting into med school is exactly what I meant. I'm at Western med sci and I've no doubt in my mind that we learn more "science" than mac health sci students, but there's no way we get all the intangible skills needed in the application process (ECs, reference letters, interview skills) that healthi sci students do.
  4. KeyzerSoze

    U of T Med with high McMaster grads

    Why is this any surprise? Most of them obviously came from health sciences. The best premed program feeds the best med school.
  5. KeyzerSoze

    Advice On Dropping A Course

    Well I ended doing fine in anatomy but I ended up getting 80 in another course (pharm) lmao. So that's 30% of my mark gone. If I drop it I lose weighting for UofT, and I won't be able to stay in med sci anymore, but I REALLY don't want an 80 in a full year course. Ugh. Christ, look at my neurotic ass. Devastated at an 80%. Like I think I need a drink tonight after finding out I got an 80.
  6. GPA: 3.96 CARS: 126 CASPER: who knows Lmao just destroy any inkling of hope I have left
  7. KeyzerSoze

    This Is Insane

    Oh jeez... well I guess I shouldn't be surprised that someone this accomplished while still in undergrad is kinda well known on campus lol. But yeah we should probably PM.
  8. KeyzerSoze

    This Is Insane

    Well grandma, jealousy would imply I have a vested interest in obtaining what someone else has. I've no desire to become a researcher one day. Call it more inquisitiveness with an unhealthy dash of neuroticism. And "just go write your own papers", what the everloving hell kind of stupid advice is that? Go back to studying for the MCAT or something.
  9. KeyzerSoze

    This Is Insane

    Yeah I definitely freaked out. At junior year of undergrad, 1 first author is incredible. 2 is insane. Anything more and honestly I wouldn't believe you. You can imagine my reaction at seeing 30+ first-author papers. And yeah this person is in epidemiology. Published a bunch of papers in useless topics, doesn't really feel fair.
  10. KeyzerSoze

    This Is Insane

    I stumbled across the LinkedIn page of someone in my program who has 30+ first-author papers. We're in 3rd year. How in god's name is this possible...Well I guess if this is the caliber of student I'm competing against there's no hope for me. But honestly my first thought isn't even that this is impressive. It's that this makes no sense whatsoever. Some Nobel prize winning researchers don't even publish that many in their entire career.... Alright this is bothering me. No one should have 30 papers at this stage in their life. So after doing a little more sifting it turns out he and a bunch of others churned out a bunch of papers in their own "published magazine" that they started from high school, and the person that supervised them didn't even have an advanced degree, they published papers on like safety in sports or something. Honestly this is borderline cheating; it completely disavows the people producing valuable research. Someone please tell me med school adcoms will be able to sift through this nonsense...
  11. KeyzerSoze

    CASPer done...thoughts?

    Yeah I definitely took advantage of the fact that each of the 12 scenarios is marked by a different person. I used like the same opening sentence for every scenario lmao because I wanted to get the key words in there. I think I started every scenario with something like "first and foremost, it is important to analyze this situation as objectively as possible and consider all possible viewpoints".
  12. KeyzerSoze

    Advice On Dropping A Course

    Well then.
  13. KeyzerSoze

    Advice On Dropping A Course

    I do need it for my degree...but that midterm was the most in-detailed one I've done in undergrad so far and I'm kind of shook lol...I don't really respond well to adversity I guess
  14. So I'm in my 3rd year of Med Sci at Western and I'm kind of worried that I did poorly on my Anatcell3319 midterm. I'm worried that I got somewhere between 80-85, and if I get an 80 for a full year course it'll lower my GPA noticeably. For anyone that has taken Anatcell 3319 before, does it get any better/harder? I'm seriously considering dropping it.