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  1. I've seen FAR too many posts decrying the difficulty of 2nd year med sci and as someone heading into third year I maintained the exact same GPA in both years (>90%) with relatively same amounts of effort (and really my 2nd year GPA should've easily been higher, see earlier post about cell bio lol). People will tell you orgo is impossible and stats is useless and frustrating and genetics exams are completely unfair and I'm sure you'll hear many other things, but I'm telling you that all those courses are very doable. I can't tell you how much you need to study or how to study for those courses as you should know your study habits by now, but I'm telling you that: 1) the courses are not designed to weed people out. They are designed to give people a comprehensive introductory skillset into biology and chemistry, and 2) the professors are not trying to weed people out for med school. Damjanovski said it best: They write the test that they believe will adequately test your knowledge and then they don't care how the class does. Whether the average is 60 or 80 (of course if it's too low they might do something but with 1000+ people this is never an issue).
  2. KeyzerSoze

    Med school If you don't like biology?

    Lmao I haven’t gotten a 90 in a single biology course ever, from when I first got like an 80 in the biology section of grade 10 science to now the end of my second year
  3. KeyzerSoze

    Venting about GPA conversion

    I hear you there. In many ways I was the poster child of how not to spend your university years; constantly blocking people out and choosing studying over socializing 10 out of 10 times (where only 6 or 7 out of 10 may have been necessary). I ended up feeling really lonely because of it and I've committed myself to making a change next year. Forming meaningful relationships is far more important to me now than that extra 0.01 or 0.02 GPA, and I don't think I'll fret too much either if my GPA gets lower next year.
  4. KeyzerSoze

    Venting about GPA conversion

    @cleanup I definitely didn't mean for it to come off that way. I just set myself to a certain standard that I felt painstakingly close to achieving. A course I disliked but had poured blood sweat and tears into ended up not paying me back what I thought I had earned.
  5. KeyzerSoze

    Venting about GPA conversion

    Just got a mark back that dropped my total 2-year cGPA from what should've been a 3.97 to a 3.96 (I got an 84) and I'm pretty pissed about it and I need to vent. It was a course I was never interested in and want nothing to do with ever again. Cell bio can go to hell.
  6. I had a talk with my PI on Friday and I have to say, this comment is by far the most spot on. It didn't really seem like he cared too much about where I go after I leave the lab (e.g. med school or whatever), the problem was he didn't want me leaving the lab in the middle of a project and he questioned my commitment and motivation. The only reason he despised the previous student that got into med school in third year was because of the fact that he had left the lab early. And while I do understand that I am truly a liability at this stage in my life, I didn't necessarily agree with his tone. That being said, I do understand where he came from and I'm not the type of person to bail on anything halfway. I chickened out of leaving the lab on Friday, but now what I'm most worried about is a letter of reference. He didn't sign the NSERC and made it clear that he didn't think well of me and there were still things I needed to prove. Again, I will admit that I probably could have been more focused on my research and less on the end goal of medicine, but regardless of who's to blame, I fear that my rapport with him has been permanently damaged, and no matter how much I dedicate myself to my research henceforth, he'll remember these few months where he thought very little of me. I probably can't stay in the lab for this reason alone.
  7. Jesus christ. I don't know how some people could be so vile. It's one thing to tell your student that you're in no position to write them a reference, it's another to assure that that you're on their side and then slander them behind their backs. I've heard that UofT values references more than any other shool (in Ontario at least), and that's my top choice. The system is brutal, duly noted. I'm actually going to start a separate thread on references since I'm still pretty clueless, lol, and this thread is getting long.
  8. Problem is I'm not getting a research reference letter, which is what the original post is about. On a side note damn this thread is getting long, I think people are starting to not read through it all anymore haha. But really, I appreciate and I've needed all the advice I've gotten. I've never been put in a position anything like this before, and I'm to make a decision by tomorrow. As of now, I'm leaning towards leaving the lab and finding another one. Forget the reference, I'll either use a prof and hope my other two recs will buffer this one (which they will) or I'll get another non academic rec, which I'm sure will be good. As for my research, I don't know if it's worth the hostility and my prof hasn't even given any indication that he expects me to publish...ever. Don't know if I'll feel this way waking up tomorrow, but yeah...that's what I'm leaning towards at the moment.
  9. Oh how I would love for this to be true. I don't think 3 nonacademic references is wise, but I'm seriously hoping someone corrects me.
  10. I had a 3.96 gpa first year and I'm on track for a 4.0 this year. I have two extensive clubs that I've founded outside out school that I've started from high school and I'm easily going to get 2 references (albeit nonacademic) out of that and they will be marvelous; I'd expect them to praise me like their own child. I'm volunteering here and there (hospital and outside) and I'm a musician for fun. I also have a few other one-time things here and there. I've always been a good reader and have no reason to expect less than a 129 on CARS on the mcat. Class sizes are still quite large and professors always seem to use the "I don't know you well enough excuse". They always say they can attest to my grade and the material we covered but it never gets personal. Should I just take this 5/10 reference and hope my other two 9.5+/10 references can make up for it?
  11. Well then that's it. This lab was supposed to be my academic reference, every other possible reference is nonacademic. If I do apply 3rd year am I to do it with basically a winged reference from one of my professors, who really don't know me at all?
  12. So I think there's general agreement that I won't be getting a LoR from this PI, oh well. But I'm quite close with the postdocs in the lab who are quite friendly to me. Would it be possible to ask one of them for a letter?
  13. I was a bit off with the wording. I wish he was so circumspect; he actually did say explicitly that he did not want to be taken advantage of. Seriously, I'm now thinking a lot less of him since this incident early today. OBVIOUSLY I'm not trying to take advantage of anyone... If I do end up staying in the lab, it absolutely will be for my personal gain. I really am in a good position with my research, but I also want an environment where I can be happy going to everyday, and I'm starting to serious feel a sense of "ugh" every time I have to go to my current lab now. I feel like this is the first time in university, in my life for that fact, where I'm expected to make a decision by myself that might seriously impact my future. It's a bit daunting.
  14. I approached the PI of a lab I've been working at for almost a year today asking for funding for NSERC. I'm in my 2nd year so of course I'll be doing my MCAT this summer and applying for med school the upcoming year, but evidently my PI despises the notion that students are allowed to leave undergrad without finishing their degrees,as he feels it is "taking advantage of" the lab. He told me that either I stay and finish my 4th year thesis (i.e. not apply for med school in my 3rd year), or I would no longer be allowed in the lab. I've been weighing the two sides. Obviously admission after 3rd year is highly unlikely, but the fact that my PI wouldn't let me apply at all seems unfair. On the other hand, I've made substantial progress and I'm in a serious position to get published this summer so maybe I give that small chance of early admission up for progress in my academic career...? I've absolutely no idea, and my prof wants a decision by the end of the week. I don't know. At all.
  15. KeyzerSoze

    University Was Not Supposed to Be Like This

    I first saw this post when you had just posted the meme and nothing else and was a bit weirded out that someone had meme-ified my "experience", lol. But thank you for this seriously scintillating answer, and I'm starting to think that maybe everyone that heads down this path knows what loneliness and social sacrifice feel like at some point. You've all mentioned something that I was too immature to know back then; that self-contentment and moderation in all things (including studying) really are important. Sometimes I do get jealous of others' friends and close relationships and wish that I could have that, and admittedly my social skills probably do need a little brushing up after spending 2 years gathering dust on a shelf, but that's just something I guess I'll have to work on, and damnit I need to stop goading myself into believing that I have no time for social relationships, what kinda bullshit is that?