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  1. Will the year on the shoulder say 2022 (appropriate for everyone else but not for us) or 2021 (appropriate for us, maybe custom made?)
  2. https://mdprogram.mcmaster.ca/mcmaster-md-program/overview/assessment-methods This website is super general and non-specific. I was wondering if it would be pure Pass/Fail v.s. Honours/Pass/Fail v.s. Honours/High Pass/Pass/Low Pass/Fail etc. and whether you will be ranked amongst your class.
  3. If that's the case, I wonder if PGY1s from McMaster are mistaken for MS4s often hahaha
  4. Since the incoming class is the Class of 2021, does that mean we will have Navy backpacks? Or will be get next year's colour (Class of 2022)
  5. What colour backpacks will next year's class carry? The class of 2021 has Navy, the class of 2020 has turquoise. What does the class of 2019 have?
  6. Geography: IP Result: WAITLISTat 9:03 A.M. May 8th 2018 Update: OFFER to Hamilton at 12:47 P.M. May 23rd 2018 cGPA: 4.00 CARS 129 Interview: Felt crappy overall, messed up bad at around 3 stations and did mediocore/vanilla/lukewarm on the rest Year: 3rd year Undergraduate, Mac was my only interview so 4th year here I come! Geography: IP
  7. How do you do that without sounding corny or repititive (I swear the word collaborate is in each entry lol)
  8. Does any one remember the character count and whether spaces are included in that for the Responsibility section of each ABS entry? I think it's 150 without spaces but I'm not too sure.
  9. Does this mean a SWOMEN with a 2 year GPA of 4.0 and 525 (132 129 132 132) on the MCAT is "guranteed" an interview, no matter what the ABS or Letters or anything else say? What is the selection criteria post-interview?
  10. Thanks for keeping the squad updated, have a pleasant long weekend!
  11. First of all, congratulations!!! Do you mind if I ask which rank Hamilton campus was on your list? I'm going to go ahead and assume 1st*... My friend got in at 1pm on Wednesday to a regional campus (2nd choice) Hamilton was the 1st choice. @premed647 got in at 12:21pm on Thursday to Hamilton (1st choice*). Is the order of acceptance off of the watilist not sequential? How is the campus decided with regard to those on the waitlist? Am I reading too deep into this?
  12. https://www.afmc.ca/publications/admission-requirements-canadian-faculties-medicine Does anyone have experience with this document? How is the user interface (i.e. PDF or MSAR-style aka online) When is the data updated to reflect the 2017-2018 cycle?
  13. Friend got into a regional campus (2nd choice) off of waitlist today
  14. I can anecdotally confirm that the waitlist has started moving :/
  15. Has no one gotten off the waitlist yet other than 1 guy or has no one posted about it...?
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