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  1. Result: Accepted Geography: IP GPA: 3.94 MCAT: 511(129/127/128/127) Degree: BSc and MPH E.C: Pretty diverse. Made sure to have a good variety of activities Interview: Felt okay. Generally found the interview to a bit more boring and standard than Calgary. The panel went well. Had some MMI stations where I felt like I was constantly repeating myself and some stations where I felt great but overall no "bad" stations. Will likely be accepting the UofC offer so good luck to everyone on the wait list!
  2. medbruh

    Types of Panels

    There is only one panel interview at university of Ottawa?
  3. Result: Accepted Geography: In-province cGPA: 3.94 MCAT: 511 (129/127/128/127) EC: Pretty diverse. Some healthcare employment, some activities showing diversity and some unique hobbies. MMI: definitely did awful on at least one of the MMI stations but felt good about others. Panels felt okay. Third time applying to Calgary if you count applying in 3rd year and first time interviewing here.
  4. Just received an offer email!
  5. IP and had one of my Top 10 verifiers contacted this morning
  6. I think that general timeline hasn't been changed in years
  7. It usually says May even though the results have come out in April in the past.
  8. medbruh

    Feedback letter

    I didn't get an interview last year and had a pretty low EC score but got an interview this year. I'd say a major change I made was making sure that each activity I includde had a distinct difference from the other entries. So even if I had 2 somewhat similar activities where I had a leadership role, in the description I made sure to highlight that in one of them I learned a lot about conflict resolution whereas in the other one I became good teaching others new skills. It seems that a diversity in activities is a pretty important factor. Are you IP by any chance? If you are, are you able to post the averages for that pool?
  9. medbruh

    Feedback letter

    Normally the letter only provides the scores for your specific applicant pool. In the past the letter also specified which pool you were in. So it would say something like "4yr AB Pool" in the corner.
  10. medbruh

    Interview Reflection

    Unlikely that it would come up during the interview unless you bring it up. The actual online application has a section where you can write about any extenuating circumstances and you could include an explanation there regarding that grade.