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  1. medbruh

    Interview Reflection

    Unlikely that it would come up during the interview unless you bring it up. The actual online application has a section where you can write about any extenuating circumstances and you could include an explanation there regarding that grade.
  2. medbruh

    Interview weight?

    MMIs cannot be open file by nature.
  3. medbruh

    Interview weight?

    I've also been told the panel is open file and this is what the email said: "Please note that anything you have included in your application may be discussed with you during the interview process. We recommend that you review your application prior to arrival."
  4. medbruh

    Water bottle

    You can carry it in your hand between stations and put it on the table once you are in the room.
  5. medbruh

    post-interview grading

    For most schools the interviewers usually assign scores as soon as the candidate leaves the room. Most interviewers usually interview multiple candidates in a day so it would be rather challenging for them to wait to score everyone at the end.
  6. medbruh

    Water bottle

    You should bring one. You can take it into the interviews with you.
  7. medbruh

    Referees still have not been contaced

    In the past the referees had to submit the references by the October 1st deadline. This is the first year where that's not the case so there is no way to know. But from what I've seen so far, they are supposed to contact everyone's reference.
  8. medbruh

    Referees still have not been contaced

    You should really contact admissions about this.
  9. Well the interviews are later this year
  10. Not the first time they messed up on the portal. Last year people who got interviews could see an 'interview' tab a day before the official emails went out.
  11. Lmao that should not be there. Are you sure you are not accidentally viewing an application from a previous year?
  12. Mac weighs CARS heavily while Ottawa doesn't consider MCAT at all so I'd say it's a very different game there. But yes I had an interview at Ottawa but not Mac last year.
  13. Mine changed on friday and I'm IP
  14. It doesn't mean anything. It changes as the reviewers complete their reviews and some are faster than others, hence why the status could change in December or in January.