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  1. Not the first time they messed up on the portal. Last year people who got interviews could see an 'interview' tab a day before the official emails went out.
  2. Lmao that should not be there. Are you sure you are not accidentally viewing an application from a previous year?
  3. Mac weighs CARS heavily while Ottawa doesn't consider MCAT at all so I'd say it's a very different game there. But yes I had an interview at Ottawa but not Mac last year.
  4. Mine changed on friday and I'm IP
  5. It doesn't mean anything. It changes as the reviewers complete their reviews and some are faster than others, hence why the status could change in December or in January.
  6. No you can't make edits after submission. If it comes up you can mention it in your interview
  7. medbruh

    Reference Lettre

    Everyone. This is part of the assessment.
  8. This year's grades won't count for you at all but you must maintain above a certain average if you get an acceptance in the spring.
  9. medbruh

    Meeting CASPER cutoff

    What did they say about interview invites?
  10. medbruh

    Meeting CASPER cutoff

    Yea unfortunately you have to write it in August.
  11. medbruh

    Meeting CASPER cutoff

    Yea sometime at the end of September I think
  12. medbruh

    Meeting CASPER cutoff

    Apparently they actually sent out rejections even before that last year if you didn't meet one of the cut offs.
  13. You should try and cover as many attributes as you can. I also have one or two experiences that don't have explicit ties to CANMEDS competencies, but I still tried to show they helped me grow in areas that could be relevant to medicine.