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  1. You should try and cover as many attributes as you can. I also have one or two experiences that don't have explicit ties to CANMEDS competencies, but I still tried to show they helped me grow in areas that could be relevant to medicine.
  2. medbruh

    CASPer Test Practice Group

    You were supposed to write Casper in August for Dal...
  3. medbruh

    CASPer podcasts???

    The general issues brought up in them will be similar to what you see in casper. It will usually be asking you to choose the best course of action while keeping the basic ethical principles in mind. For the questions asking about personal experience just go through typical interview questions and make a list of answers to those. Things like "what is your weakness?", "describe a conflict you've been in" etc.
  4. medbruh

    CASPer podcasts???

    I did Astroff practice tests but you have to pay for them. I think you can find some free ones online. The nice thing about the paid ones is that they simulate the actual testing environment.
  5. medbruh

    CASPer podcasts???

    You don't really need to understand complex ethics beyond the basic pillars(justice, beneficence etc). You'd be better off spending your time practicing and making sure you have a good typing speed.
  6. As others said, September 15th is merely a suggestion for when the reference request should be sent out. For all they care you could send it out on September 30th and as long as it's in by October 1st you are good.
  7. Can this have any effect on enrollment in Maritimes medical schools?
  8. medbruh


    It's definitely there. Long essay first and then the Maritimes connection essay.
  9. medbruh

    Queens MCAT

    508? Really? I was assuming my 511 last year was what prevented me from getting an interview. All my individual scores were 127 or above so I'm guessing it wasn't the MCAT.
  10. medbruh

    Reference Letters?

    A lot of references, particularly profs, will ask people to write a draft and send it to them. Perhaps not the best practice but it is very common.
  11. There is a limit, its just not shown. Can't remember the exact the number
  12. That's for Dalhousie
  13. Has anyone's MCAT score been verified yet?
  14. medbruh


    From the application manual: "In order for the Admissions Committee to consider graduate school marks in the overall GPA, the degree in question must be completed and conferred by June 30th, 2019. If the degree is still in progress, but in its final year, the grades will be used in the calculated GPA as described above."
  15. If you thought that was bad check out the new Alberta residency requirements: https://www.ualberta.ca/medicine/programs/md/applying/citizenship-residency "You must have physically resided in Alberta for the three years directly preceding the first day of classes of the term for which admission is sought. However, if you have left the province but have previously lived in Alberta for an accumulated period of 15 years, you will be considered a resident of Alberta."