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  1. While your frustrations are understandable, I think it is also important to consider the school's side here. This is not just about a ton of people gathering together. The bigger issue is the fact that people are travelling from all over the country and even internationally to come to the interview, quite substantially increasing their own and other people's risk of getting sick. I also would not classify a bunch of eager premeds as the "the most conscious individuals regarding the virus". At this point, even medical students, who've had far more training in PPE and disease control, are being asked to refrain from many activities.
  2. Canadian schools don't care what degree you have as long as it is from a PhD granting institution. You could take a bachelor of fine arts for all they care. All you need to worry about is that you have the required pre-requisites that a couple schools have(not all schools have prereqs).
  3. Think more about what time of the day will work best for you in terms of your personal performance in the morning vs afternoon. Don't worry about things that are outside of your control anyway.
  4. Most likely similar format to the last few years. 7-8 MMI stations, 2 small short panels and 1 group interview. You should be receiving an interview package in the next few weeks and it will likely outline everything
  5. Doesn't mean anything whatsoever. Just means your file is done being reviewed.
  6. It usually says May even though the results have come out in April in the past.
  7. I didn't get an interview last year and had a pretty low EC score but got an interview this year. I'd say a major change I made was making sure that each activity I includde had a distinct difference from the other entries. So even if I had 2 somewhat similar activities where I had a leadership role, in the description I made sure to highlight that in one of them I learned a lot about conflict resolution whereas in the other one I became good teaching others new skills. It seems that a diversity in activities is a pretty important factor. Are you IP by any chance? If you are, are you able to post the averages for that pool?
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