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  1. If you have, what are your thoughts on it as far as pros and cons
  2. Hi there, i'll be moving to london in august from a couple hours away and i was wondering if you felt that a car was required. I'll likely live in the university apartments if i can get a spot. Any other thoughts on london and the quality of living would be appreciated. Thank You
  3. In premed, it was pretty straightforward high gpa, high mcat, some volunteering I just got accepted to med school and i'm having trouble understanding what makes you competitive for the residency process. I go to a pass/fail school, and really dread research.
  4. I'm from windsor and i was wondering if anyone could advise me about where most students live attending the london campus?I'll have a car so that's not an issue but safety/basics in the area etc. Thank you!
  5. sorry, im a bit new, is there a particular section where i can find this info or do i just search
  6. As I'm preparing for my interview, i'm having trouble with this question since i dont have much experience with uOttawa or the city itself. Can any current Ottawa students shed light on unique things about the program that make it special?
  7. As i'm preparing for my interview, I keep getting stuck for this question. Can any current Shulich students advise some unique things about Western's program that makes it good?
  8. what residency did you get into, if you dont mind me asking
  9. Thanks for your reply. A couple questions. 1) Is there a list of relatively non-competitive vs competitive specialities 2) What kinds of things do you mean that make you jaded and bitter
  10. do you mind me asking what residency you went with and why
  11. first of all, go leafs; great shutout by mac and crossbar the other night. Secondly, are you enjoying your life as a doctor overall, any regrets?
  12. Schulich is the school i am aiming for and if any students could care to share their stats and some ECs that you think helped you, that'd be great. I have a 3.95 cumulative, 3.98 best 2 year and a 518 (128/127/131/132) Thank You
  13. The four clusters are maturity, reliability, perseverance and responsibility (professional cluster) communication, collaboration, teamwork, time management and leadership (communicator/collaborator/leader cluster) advocacy, community service and social responsibility (advocate cluster) academic standing, achievements in leadership, research and social responsibility as demonstrated by (but not limited to) awards, conference presentations, publications and scholarships (scholar cluster) In my first essay i tried to cover the communicator and advocate cluster. Is this effective/any tips? should i be more direct and literally mention the clusters im addressing? 11-Peer Counsellor @ Peer Support Centre(12) Being a peer counsellor has been a very fulfilling experience that has allowed me to learn and utilize several different skill sets. I believe that it is my duty as a human being to help others in their time of need and this position has allowed me to pursue that purpose. Post-secondary education and life in general can be very taxing on one's psyche and in this state of stress and uncertainty, people require support. In providing this support, my communication skills have been vital and have made it possible for me to serve my peers as part of my social responsibility. It is a position that requires one to be empathetic and understanding towards others in order to help them through the barriers holding them back from becoming the best version of themselves. Collaborating with other co-counsellors I have had the privilege of serving dozens of peers with concerns ranging from homework stress to suicidal thoughts. The students utilizing the Peer Support Centre expect a certain level of maturity and reliability from the counsellors so that they are comfortable opening up and talking about such pressing topics. My skills have allowed me to provide a welcoming environment for peers to feel comfortable in and I believe that these same skills will make me successful as a medical student and future physician.
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