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  1. don't know yet.. this year I am only applying to non-MCAT places like Mcgill and U Ottawa. but I have taken all the prerequisites and thoroughly enjoyed them. I will take the Mcat this summer if I don't get in. I have some MCAT practice books and it seems the test itself would not so hard but the pacing would be a challenge for me as I am generally slow and like to take my time to do things...
  2. very true. I have a BFA in film production and i am applying to medical schools this year... on some level, totally irrelevant, but it was good for me personally... learned a new skill, etc.
  3. i think 'RD' and 'GL' are just initials of the person who is doing the checking / verification. mine says 'RD' too and that my residency has been verified.
  4. Hello I am not clear on how to enter the number of hours on the OMSAS ABS section. It just says hours. I see many people suggesting it is total hours of activity but it is not clear. On the U Ottawa site, they suggest putting in hours per week or month. So I am really confused about this. Any kind of clarity would be appreciated from people who have done this before. Thanks.
  5. I called them yesterday specifically about this. They said they require 3 confidential assessment forms (through OMSAS) as per "directions on OMSAS website"... I write this in quotes because I see no directions on the OMSAS site about University of Ottawa requirements for references.
  6. @swtomd I have just sent you a message regarding this.
  7. Thank you @MEDusa for sharing this. It was very helpful. I am one of the people who was refused post-interview so this message resonates with me deeply.
  8. Hello I live at York University and would be very interested in something on campus here. Let me know if that works for you.. I think I can book rooms in the library here. Sidrah
  9. I was in a similar situation and called them today about it. They said to just upload it in the system through Minerva. Edit: Just log into Minerva and it says "Upload New Version" beside your College/University transcript section. Use that to upload a new transcript. hope this helps!
  10. I wrote the exam on the 23rd too but have not received any such email.
  11. Thank you @HoopDreams I guess "one must be a member of a professional order" are key terms here.
  12. Hello I have double major degree in BFA/BA in Film production and computer science. Would the computer science degree portion be considered a professional degree for McGill Medical School purposes. Any comp sci people here who have applied and have been their degree considered a professional degree? My program (at York) is accredited by CIPS (Canadian Information Processing Society). Any ideas?
  13. Thank you cardiomed for your response. I had written to Mcgill last week and I heard from them today stating that in my case they would ask that I complete the extenuating circumstances information with my application. I am not sure what this means for other candidates who do the first degree on part-time basis but I suppose this is done on a case by case basis. Perhaps you could confirm with them regarding your situation too?
  14. Hello... First time posting here with a question. If I finished my first degree (120 credits) with 1.5 years doing part-time (due to illness and family issues) and thus completing it in 5 years (more than what it should have taken had I taken it fulltime), will McGill consider my second undergrad degree? (I am doing second undergrad to boost my gpa and am concerned that I needed to be completely full time in my first degree to have the second one counted)... Thanks for your help!
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