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  1. If you haven't graduated yet and you're full time (5 credits) then yes it counts. If you graduated, any schooling you do that is extra and not part of a degree program doesn't count.
  2. ABCD13


    Opes. I was more focused on the CARS. Yes - you're right. You need a total of 383 for P/S, C/P, and CARS but if you're SWOMEN, you can have a score of 125 in CARS granted that the other sections PS CP all add up to 383.
  3. ABCD13


    Are you SWOMEN? If so, you're fine. If not, the cars doesn't make the cut.
  4. ABCD13

    CASPer done...thoughts?

    also does anyone else speak out loud as they type their answered? i found myself doing that then I realized it's all recorded and then it got awkward lol
  5. ABCD13

    CASPer done...thoughts?

    It wasn't as bad as I though. only one prompt really weirded me out. it was a verbal one and a personal one. all 3 Q were just soooo weird and contradicted each other? I don't know maybe it was just me.
  6. I hope so! Yesterday I had a realllllly bad one. the questions were so ambiguous and just weird.
  7. Are you allowed to have a few sticky notes on the side to glance at if you choke up on trying to find the right word?
  8. For Casper questions regarding a video, does anyone know if you're allowed to reply the video before the page switches to the questions? I know you have a limited time (30 seconds) for verbal prompts but I'm not sure about the videos
  9. For video questions, do you know if you are able to re-watch the video before it switches to the questions?
  10. Does anyone know if it is the cGPA or the GPA for each year of university?
  11. For those who have submitted their application -- when you go to choices/offers - is it making you resubmit those?
  12. When you log back into OMSAS, what does it say right from the start after you submitted your application?
  13. I got the same thing (email etc and even charged my credit card). when you log into OMSAS again, and click on the side bar on the left "fees owing" so you see this? My Fees Pending Note: These fees may change depending on your choices and potential exemptions. There was an error completing your request. Please contact the OUAC at 519-823-1063.
  14. did you get an e-mail? I was able to put in my information and I submitted everything - you should get 2 e-mail, one from OMSAS with your reference # & one from OMSAS saying your payment was approved.