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  1. Hey hey hey!!!!!!!! Don't hate on us because we are perfect :p
  2. Hi skmedschool, I don't have any advice because I'm not familiar with U Cal but I just wanted to say WOW! You should be SO proud of yourself and how much you've accomplished. Your motivation, resiliency and hard work is admirable. Because your situation is so unique, to get the best advice I suggest booking an appointment or calling U Cal MD. They would know best. I wish you the best!
  3. A 100% email them and explain your GPA for the best two years because mistakes can happen! Make sure you followed their 3/5 rule if you didn't do a special year and also state that in the email, just incase (even though the email outlined that it was academic grades).
  4. Quick question, why is it WGPA not cGPA? I thought mcgill looks at your cgpa. Also, congrats to everyone who got an interview ♥️
  5. No. I was hoping they would consider a lower GPA (that made the cutoff), but I guess not... wish it did help in some way. Edit** Forgot to wish you some luck! I think you also applied to the social accountability stream? I hope it works out in your favor
  6. Woop Woop.. Expecting a big fat rejection already. Low GPA of 3.855 (IP)
  7. Depends on your strengths. Personally, I suck at anything that is marked subjectively (essays, opinion papers, etc). So I avoided any majors that deal with it and aimed at majors that were very MC heavy exams, leaving more room for me to get a 4.0 (again.. based on my stengths and weaknesses). Biology, Psychology, etc at Concordia are good. You should also make sure to look at the grading scale PER department at Concordia, which varies. For example, an easy major like Leisure Studies can be hard because you have to achieve a 98% in the class to get a 4.3 (a 4.0 at McGill), which seems almost impossible since it is all group work.
  8. Wish they would consider a new degree vs considering your entire academic history for GPA. I get they most likely won't ever decrease their GPA cutoffs, but at least give those people who may have underperformed in their early years of their undergraduate degree (and are not eligible for the wGPA) to embark on a new degree and have that GPA count. As a mature applicant, sometimes I find it so crazy how my grades from when I was 17 have such a huge impact when considering U of T
  9. Yikes! Only 60 SWOMEN? I use to think being SWOMEN had huge advantage (aside from the low MCAT scores) like other universities that favor IP (Dalhousie etc). ** Edit: I guess that depends on the stats of how may SWOMEN applied and interviewed to see the advantage of being SWOMEN
  10. My age is definitely something I have considered! But after careful consideration... my age (and the length of time to achieve this) doesn't really daunt me since I genuinely love school. I would only need 2 years for a new degree, but you are right, this entire process would take a long time and a large chunk out of my life. But I guess I don't mind that. I'm already married and my partner and I both long ago decided on not having any children. So basically... My only focus is to do what I love since I don't really have anything else that I have to consider (such as children.. finding the one, etc). I also have the financial support of my partner as well for me to go back to school full-time, etc. So I guess I'm not sure what would stop me from doing it, you know? I rather be in my late 30's with my dream job vs. any other job. But yes, age is definitely a factor to consider but given my situation, I try to not let it get to me so much (a little hard sometimes, ha )
  11. Sorry, maybe I missed it but are you SWOMEN for Western? If so, your CARS score is good to go. but your overall score is 1 point too low.
  12. True. Verified this with admissions today and it also states it in their workbook document (PDF). It has always been stated on this form that a 4.0 at Concordia is a 3.9 at McGill, but just so every one knows officially: McGill will only take the LETTER grade at Concordia, not the numerical GPA grade. This means that an A+ (4.3) and an A (4.0) at Concordia is a 4.0 at McGill. After that, everything is equivalent.
  13. Would this apply to Concordia? Going from Concordia GPA on a 4.3 scale to McGill 4.0 scale? Would my 4.0 at Concordia be a 4.0 at McGill?
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