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  1. One thing I love about Western is how transparent and firm they are about their cutoffs. I doubt that anyone would ever get in below the cutoffs. Perhaps that individual is SWOMEN, which they have their own separate cutoffs that are lower than the NON-SWOMEN applicants, but they still have to meet the SWOMEN cutoffs.
  2. I was told that I had to mail them and they MUST arrive by the application deadline (Oct. 1).
  3. It would be best to call admissions and ask what courses are considered equivalent.
  4. Does Calgary consider full-time studies that are completed AFTER graduating from your undergraduate degree? I graduated back in 2013 and I ended up going back to school for 1 year for non-degree/special year in order to increase my overall GPA. Will calgary consider that year or does it have to be within an undergraduate degree / year going towards a degree?
  5. It is stated that the activities discussed in the sketch should not be more than 6 years old. This is understandable but I am over 30 years old and one of the activities that is very significant to my application is about 7-8 years old. Do you think the 6 year rule is a strict rule? Any feedback would be appreciated.
  6. I'm only applying to Ottawa - so I can still register yet leave out the AMCAS ID up until I submit my application?
  7. Hello, Just a quick question about the CASPER exam - Do I register for it the minute I submit my OMSAS application? I'm worried that the spots for the exam will be full by the end of September.
  8. I agree with you. I did not get nay financial support from my family in grade 11 and 12 and I feel that this new section for Ottawa does not consider "mature" students. AKA. I am actually 30 years old, so going back to my parents now that I have zero relationship with and asking for their income statements 13 years ago is absurd. Not to mention, I am considered low-income (making less than 20k). Applying to medical school has been a financial burden on top of it. So I do wish they would consider the fact that for some applicants, grade 11/12 is over a decade ago and perhaps should consider their situation NOW vs. decades ago.
  9. Hi all, I just learned about the termination of the NTP category - which really sets me back seeing that now I might have to do another degree to be competitive. I was hoping that if a huge change such as terminating an entire category was going to occur, admissions would of at least given us one cycle heads up in order for us to plan ahead. In my situation, I would of applied for a new degree and started it this upcoming fall. Is there anything that could be done to hold off this termination for at least one cycle? I really wish we were notified earlier than a few months before applications. Thank you
  10. I agree as well - maybe we all can e-mail and see? Had I known this, I would of just started a new degree (applied to one) rather than having my hopes for this category. A 1 year warning would be of been great.
  11. I plan to stay in Australia - or specialize there in Family medicine and return to Canada. But I will not be applying for residency in Canada.
  12. Hello, I am considering going to Australia for medical school. I understand that they look at the GPA of your undergraduate degree, however, I am a mature applicant and so I have done 3+ years post-undergrad of undergraduate coursework (Full-time and Part-time). I am wondering if these years are taken into consideration or will it just be the years within my undergraduate degree (similar to Ottawa MD). Any information would be appreciated!
  13. I agree. But I think we should always remember that those who post in this forum are a small % of the entire population. They might still be sending out the same # of invites for SWOMEN applicants and it just happens that this year, more SWOMEN applicants are posting their rejections versus previous years. I can't imagine that Western would cut down on their SWOMEN for OOP since majority would end up rejecting the offer to stay in province (assuming that they have good enough stats to get an interview at Western). I think we should wait and see when they release the statistics (not sure if they do this every year?) regarding how many applicants were SWOMEN etc. Does anyone know if this data will be released? If so, when?
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