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  1. I thought the deadline was August 25? I'm probably wrong but could someone let me know?! Thanks
  2. Hey all, Trying to access the OMSAS gpa scale and the link is not working. Can’t find the scale anywhere on their website either. Is this happening to anyone else? link thank you!
  3. Hello, I am a mature applicant and I graduated in 2011 from my degree. My wGPA for Ottawa is exactly 3.855 which is what their English In Province cut off is (I called and asked). Looking at everyone who even gets an interview, their wGPA is 3.9+ so I'm not sure if I even stand a chance. There is no way for me to upgrade my GPA since I already graduated and the only way is to begin a new degree, which is something I am avoiding. My EC are diverse: 10 publications, 15 conferences (poster / international oral presentations), started a charity during my undergrad, volunteered in a retirement home, worked at a call centre (not sure if I should state that but it's the truth), etc, etc. I also have all the prereqs (recently) with a 4.0 in all of them, but unfortunately, these marks won't count towards the wGPA since they weren't a part of my degree. I know my GPA is not competitive, so any feedback would really mean a lot to me. Please let me know what you think. Thank you.
  4. Yes I do. And I will definitely ask. I’m not sure how I would do that year without OSAP so I’ll pull every string possible
  5. I’ve thought about student line of credit.. but I’m hesitant because of medical school in Canada doesn’t work, I need every penny for schools abroad and that would reduce the amount of loans they could give me. i called OSAP againa nd they said that if UWO medical school could write a letter saying that this year is required for me to apply to uwo MED with X required courses (ie whatever they require), they could consider my application. but I feel it’s highly unlikely for UWO to even write that letter for me..
  6. Hello, I'm in a sticky situation. I already have my degree. But I am having to do a “special year” to meet UWO medical school requirement (I’ve already contacted them and this is what they suggested). a special year is a non-degree year where you take courses to fulfill whatsoever need you have ie. medical school. only issue: OSAP doesn’t cover a penny of a non-degree year. My only option to be financially supported is to do a new degree.. but im not that willing to put in 3-4 years when all I need is one year in order for me to be financially supported by OSAP... UofT is the only school that allows a non-degree full course load and the rent in Toronto is so expensive plus books plus tuition, I can’t imagine not having any kind of financial assistance. has anyone ever been in this position? What can I do? Thank you..
  7. I have already graduated from an undergraduate degree from UWO 4 years ago. During the 4 years, I only have 1 year that meets the 3/5 rule. I have contacted UWO Med and they said I could do 1-year full time in any school meeting 3/5 rule to be eligible to apply, which is great.. But the issue is that I am having a hard time finding a school that can garauntee a non-degree student have a full course load with garantee that they can take at least 3 upper year courses. Almost all of the schools I have looked into either restrict these courses for students in the program and most likely won't have a spot for me. If I am enrolled in a school and don't meet the 3/5 rule yet complete that year at the school, UWO Med stated that I would have to do another undergraduate degree. Any insight or advice? Does anyone know of a school in Ontario that is more lenient in this situation?
  8. I know dermatology is crazy competitive. I am wondering HOW competitive is it for an IMG from an Irish medical school (in Ontario)? Any insight would be helpful. Thank you