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  1. I plan to stay in Australia - or specialize there in Family medicine and return to Canada. But I will not be applying for residency in Canada.
  2. Hello, I am considering going to Australia for medical school. I understand that they look at the GPA of your undergraduate degree, however, I am a mature applicant and so I have done 3+ years post-undergrad of undergraduate coursework (Full-time and Part-time). I am wondering if these years are taken into consideration or will it just be the years within my undergraduate degree (similar to Ottawa MD). Any information would be appreciated!
  3. I agree. But I think we should always remember that those who post in this forum are a small % of the entire population. They might still be sending out the same # of invites for SWOMEN applicants and it just happens that this year, more SWOMEN applicants are posting their rejections versus previous years. I can't imagine that Western would cut down on their SWOMEN for OOP since majority would end up rejecting the offer to stay in province (assuming that they have good enough stats to get an interview at Western). I think we should wait and see when they release the statistics (not sure if they do this every year?) regarding how many applicants were SWOMEN etc. Does anyone know if this data will be released? If so, when?
  4. If your transcript doesn't say it.. then they can't know. This part of their application process is super vague. I'm in the same position.
  5. Hehe got my hopes up. Congrats
  6. 3.80? Isn't their cut-off for English 3.85?
  7. Ottawa in the past use to state the reason for rejection (didn't meet cutoff, prereqs, etc). Is there any indication regarding the reason behind a rejection based on the timestamp of when you received the e-mail? I only ask because I'm not sure if I was rejected because of my GPA, maybe took too many online classes etc. And if so, I can then avoid applying next year to Ottawa (and save money) since I already graduated from undergrad and I can't make any updates/changes to my transcript now, so there would be no point in me applying if I don't make their basic cut-offs, etc. Thank you
  8. Mine says the same. I think it is a generic statement for everyone (English stream)
  9. Can we start a new thread and post stats?
  10. ABCD13


    Where did you see this?
  11. ABCD13

    Application acknowledgment email?

    Has anyone had a verifier contacted?
  12. ABCD13


    interested in this! I'm a mature student so I haven't been in school in such a long time. I have no idea which of my courses were online because my transcript doesn't state it.
  13. If you haven't graduated yet and you're full time (5 credits) then yes it counts. If you graduated, any schooling you do that is extra and not part of a degree program doesn't count.