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  1. Hi Conbrio! I DM'd you my ECs (they're super specific so I didn't want to post them on here). My biggest concern is letting go of my SWOMEN 4.0 GPA for a new degree where I might get a 3.93 for example instead of a 4.0 for Western. Only reason I am considering a new degree is for Ottawa (my 3.855 is a no-go) and for McGill (since now I am considered IP). Hope that makes sense ..
  2. Bump ** wanting to hear other opinions / advice
  3. How long would you have to be in Yukon for to gain IP status to these schools?
  4. Does this include undergrad years done after you finished your degree (after graduation)?
  5. This is so encouraging. Do you mind if I message you? It would mean a lot. This process gets lonely when you're older. Sometimes my age makes me feel so rushed, especially seeing everyone already settled into their careers.
  6. 3.52 for McGill as a Quebec Resident?! Isn't that too low for McGill, even as IP? I ask because I soon might become a Quebec resident and my cGPA would still not make the cut
  7. Wow! You are inspiring. I am also a mature applicant and sometimes I feel down about my age but reading your post was inspiring Best of luck
  8. That's very encouraging to hear! I remember back in undergrad (I'm a mature applicant, so about 7+ years ago), all my friends raved about being SWOMEN. Now that I am in a good position to apply, it makes me regret that I didn't back then. But I'll have my fingers crossed. Thank you
  9. Nope. I wasn't. Did you submit everything they needed?
  10. Darn, I was banking on being SWOMEN. I'm not so much worried about my GPA or MCAT score (not competitive but makes the cut). I was always under the assumption that the majority of the class size is SWOMEN (like other out of province schools).
  11. Ah ok makes sense. I was under the assumption that they have a higher % of SWOMEN receive acceptances. I guess the only good thing about being SWOMEN is a lower MCAT cutoff, other than that, you are fair game with NON-SWOMEN applicants?
  12. I remember a 5+ years ago, being SWOMEN increased your chances for an interview / acceptance significantly. I am wondering if this is still the case? Sorry for the silly question but I haven't been up to date until I now since I am now actually eligible to apply to Western, so any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you
  13. Right here :). Still debating on doing a second degree or just using my first degree and applying to schools that look at wGPA vs cGPA.
  14. it can definitely get consuming. I remember starting this process full of energy. I felt like I could do it without a problem but after a while.. it gets consuming and you can lose yourself easily. That definitely happened to me last year and I had to take a few months off to just take care of myself / therapy. Take the time you need to refuel and care for yourself. Doing this is so important it definitely does NOT mean you're not cut out for medicine!
  15. Does anyone feel old with this process? I'm in my late 20's and I don't know what's going on but I'm starting to feel very rushed. I see all my friends start their careers and I am still working at random jobs while trying to re-write the mcat / reapply. I'm starting to worry that this is going to last years and then what? I think it also has to do with some of my friends coming back from international medical schools (Ireland/carrib) and actually match here in Canada without a problem. Makes me wonder if I should of taken that route instead (not that i have the means to do that). Just a saturday morning rant
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