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  1. Hi everyone, I'm looking to start practicing soon for interviews in Victoria if anyone is interested. Hours would preferably be after work and meeting location could be at UVic, ideally. PM or reply if interested. Sorry if this has been posted somewhere else already. Thanks
  2. Llamastan

    CASPER and Statistics

    Speaking as an OOP province applicant, I predict that they will decrease somewhat, as people above the "cutoff" with poor CASPers may be rejected in favour of people who would have been slightly below the cut but with great CASPers. Given that the MCAT is still weighted very heavily, and that no one knows what they get on the CASPer, I imagine that they will remain very high. This is speculation of course, but that's my 2 cents.
  3. Hi all, Sorry if this has already been asked. In the ABS it says that verifiers may be contacted for "letters of support". This is a little scary to me. Does this mean that we should be informing all of our OMSAS verifiers (who we've presumably previously asked about acting as verifiers) that they may or may not be asked for a "letter of support" from UWO in addition?
  4. It says somewhere in the PDF that the maximum number of entries is 8, implying that you could have less than that. However, I imagine it's in our best interest to have as many of the entries filled as possible.
  5. ~3.96 cGPA, 130 CARS. Out of province. Seems a lot more difficult to get an interview from OOP here - am I even competitive with these stats?
  6. This is exactly what I've been doing.
  7. I'm also a bit nervous about how to write this. I've basically been dedicating a paragraph to each thing they mention though. So a paragraph for each "item learned", and then a final paragraph about why the experience will be helpful as a doctor. For the ones that don't specify three, I'm just dedicating a very short paragraph each to addressing e.g. "helping others, advocacy, serving community" and what I learned. Then a beefy paragraph relating it all to medicine. No idea if that's what they're looking for though. It all seems very vague and hand wavy to me, but it's nice that they feel that they're being "holistic".
  8. Hi everyone, I'm curious as to what writing style people are adopting when putting together their 8 ABS entries, just because this is so new and the instructions are slightly vague. I have been writing out essentially essays that address each point they mention with a small paragraph, but I'm wondering if anyone is taking a different approach e.g. using point form. Thoughts?
  9. Llamastan


    Thanks for the advice. I'm hoping the breakdown for U of manitoba helps mitigate the effect of the CASPer compared to Mac somewhat - for example, looking at 50% total MCAT scores rather than 33% CARS, and taking off worst courses for GPA. But yeah, 30% is still a good chunk pre-interview
  10. Llamastan

    Chances for OOP

    Thanks for the reassurance both of you and congrats on getting in! I'm hoping that the MCAT will give me a bit of wiggle room on the CASPer with regards to getting an interview. I regret not applying here before they introduced it though.
  11. Llamastan


    Did you find preparation was helpful? I winged it last year but I'm not sure how I did, though it apparently it wasn't well enough to get an interview at Mac.
  12. Llamastan


    Thanks so much for linking that. That's honestly not as bad as I was expecting, post interview seems to be essentially untouched with only 10% CASPer, the added difficulty will be in the initial culling.
  13. Llamastan


    Yeah, I'm really regretting not applying here last year. Its also really anxiety inducing that they haven't released how they will break it down. I'm hoping it isn't worth a lot and is only worth a bit pre-interview, but we wont know until they release the admissions guide.
  14. Llamastan


    The U of M website just announced that they are implementing the CASPer for this years admission. I'm curious as to what people think about this, and whether anyone knows any more information - e.g. how much it will be worth. I for one am really upset with this, as it adds an element of randomness and uncertainty to an admissions process that was previously transparent.
  15. Hi everyone, I recently got rejected from my IP school, which doesn't seem to value the MCAT or pre-file scoring after the interview process. I figured because of my high stats that I had a good chance, so it was pretty upsetting. I'm just wondering what kinds of odds OOP applicants are up against at U of M to figure out whether it's worth applying here, as I know that they weigh the MCAT heavily. Does anyone know what percentage of OOP interviewees get in? Also, do I have a really good shot with a 526/4.48 MCAT/GPA, despite being OOP? Thank you!