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  1. MitralLunar

    FAQ: What are my chances?

    You just ignoring detailed ABS or what lol
  2. MitralLunar

    OMSAS GPA Calculations

    Mine looks fine. Can I ask you what kind of mistakes you found?
  3. MitralLunar

    multiple mcat

    Oof unlucky.. but no
  4. GIve the admission office a call.
  5. MitralLunar

    Chances for invite

    @caramilk It's simple statistics... If you look at the DISTRIBUTION, you will see that the absolute majority are within 3.9-4.0. The mean is only 3.87 because low 3.0's disturb the average (plus those are probably ppl with master/ Ph.D. and high scorers in the other two sections). Therefore 3.88 and 3.9 are definitely below average.
  6. MitralLunar

    Chances for invite

    @Roomscape @Gironomo Both of you would be well above average CASPER since your GPA and CARS are very low (relatively)
  7. I seriously don't think anyone on this forum believes you are legit. You reek of bs and from what you wrote you have a nearly non-existent understanding of the healthcare landscape. Prob some high schooler with a ton of free time on hands or a classic example of delusional coping mechanism on display.
  8. MitralLunar

    Confused about my chances?

    Average to slightly above average CASPer would 100% disqualify you for an interview
  9. Unfortunately, because Mac uses z-scores and the average GPA of matriculants this past cycle was 3.87 (plus the distribution is left-skewed), I doubt bumping your GPA to 3.7 makes any difference.
  10. From what I can deduce, weak activities would give you partial marks but nowhere does it mention that it will subtract from your total score. So if I were you, I would put more.
  11. MitralLunar

    Question about referees

    Unfortunately I think you are right.
  12. I successfully submitted around 3:20
  13. MitralLunar

    OMSAS Prerequisite Course Code

    Reviving an old thread but what was the answer to @caramilk
  14. MitralLunar

    Course Title vs Code??

    Ah thanks, I have been putting BIOLOGY FOR SCIENCE I as the course title and course number as the course code