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  1. Frankly, no I don't think you should apply if you don't want to waste your money.
  2. Does UBC give out interview score? How do you know about above average interview?
  3. 10 years ago, the post-interview score was comprised of 50% interview 25% GPA and 25% MCAT. Now, I don't know if they still use that same weighting esp. with the introduction for aABS but don't be surprised if they use GPA competitively as pretty much all med schools do it.
  4. On the Schulich website somewhere, they mention they use your MCAT score competitively post-interview. And I assume the same goes for your GPA.
  5. Sure, unwarranted personal attack is fine without you even knowing anything about me. I guess your ego really needs this invite if you are only willing to read comments that suit your liking.
  6. Not true. Everyone I know except 1 who applied to UofT hasn't heard back.
  7. I think this is the point he is trying to raise although worded poorly. It appears UofT for whatever reason is slightly biased towards females. During recent years, the ratio of sexes for the percentage of acceptances were skewed to a varying degree towards female compared to the ratio of sexes for the percentage of applications. I would potentially attribute this to how females often have better soft skills than male counterparts and therefore perform better on the interview.
  8. Are you sure you are IP? You have crazy good AGPA + MCAT for an IP to not get an interview
  9. Joined 2 hrs ago, posted 2 hrs ago, his only post. Hi Brian.
  10. Mine looks fine. Can I ask you what kind of mistakes you found?
  11. @caramilk It's simple statistics... If you look at the DISTRIBUTION, you will see that the absolute majority are within 3.9-4.0. The mean is only 3.87 because low 3.0's disturb the average (plus those are probably ppl with master/ Ph.D. and high scorers in the other two sections). Therefore 3.88 and 3.9 are definitely below average.
  12. @Roomscape @Gironomo Both of you would be well above average CASPER since your GPA and CARS are very low (relatively)
  13. I seriously don't think anyone on this forum believes you are legit. You reek of bs and from what you wrote you have a nearly non-existent understanding of the healthcare landscape. Prob some high schooler with a ton of free time on hands or a classic example of delusional coping mechanism on display.
  14. Average to slightly above average CASPer would 100% disqualify you for an interview
  15. Unfortunately, because Mac uses z-scores and the average GPA of matriculants this past cycle was 3.87 (plus the distribution is left-skewed), I doubt bumping your GPA to 3.7 makes any difference.
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