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  1. This made me tear up! Congratulations friend and cannot wait to meet you this fall at Queens!!!
  2. Hey Sinusoid, don't give up!! If you keep pushing yourself and if you are passionate about medicine, you can do it, I 100% believe in you! I just got accepted to an Ontario school and have a similar GPA story as you do. My GPA in my first two years was even worse than yours at 3.3. In third year I realized something had to change if I was going to have a future in medicine. I took a break from volunteering and working and stopped seeing friends as much. I dedicated every. last. second. I had into studying. I went to office hours and asked questions to the profs. I tried so hard to pull up my GPA. In third year I achieved a 3.7, in fourth year 3.94 and I did a fifth year and got a 4.0. Try to figure out what you need to do to improve your GPA, whether that includes changing your study habits (I started using flashcards and quizzing myself everywhere, and writing out and condensing notes multiple times), meeting with an academic advisor, or even changing the types of courses you are taking. It's not an easy thing seeing people you know achieve your dream. It's an uncomfortable reality that you have to try to get comfortable with. No one else's success matters except yours. Keep applying for jobs/research/volunteer positions. Maybe ask a trusted friend or your university's registrar to help improve the layout of your resume. Your future is not over and doors will open for you if you keep knocking! Good luck (*edit- wrote 3.0 gpa and meant 3.3 for first 2 years)
  3. My vote is emerald green!
  4. 2020medvision

    OOP Wait List Scores

    In case this helps, I'll be taking myself off the waitlist (score was 74). Good luck everyone
  5. 2020medvision

    OOP Wait List Scores

    I'm waiting for one Ontario school
  6. 2020medvision

    2 YR GPA vs Cumulative

    I'll pm you!
  7. 2020medvision

    2 YR GPA vs Cumulative

    I'm not accepted yet but I interviewed at Queens with a very low cumulative gpa and high 2 year gpa
  8. 2020medvision

    Unclear MMI Instructions

    Yes! I found that too. Had to really read over them a few times to understand the point they were getting at.
  9. OOP waitlist with a score of 74.00 Congrats to all that got accepted and best of luck for everyone on the waitlist!!
  10. 2020medvision

    Accepted 2019

    Dare I ask if anyone has called admissions recently?
  11. I haven't had any verifiers contacted yet either. Hoping it's not a bad sign.
  12. 2020medvision

    Queens Interview Portal Password

    I tried as well and it said the username/password was incorrect. I also tried it a second time with no dash in the OUAC Reference Number and it didn't work. Anyone have a solution?