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  1. Has anyone heard anything from UBC after accepting the offer? A confirmation, student numbers, an email outlining registration, etc. And does anyone know when we will get more information about the following semester?
  2. Is there anything you do to cope with the obscene stress? Meditation, hobbies, physical activity, etc.?
  3. Is that like a "ha ha I hate residency too!!" or more like a "this is causing me severe mental distress. I should have never signed up for this BS"
  4. Can anyone compare residency to something that an incoming student can understand? (e.g. How does it compare to a 40 hour/week job in in a factory? Or a 52 hour/week job as a clinical assistant?) Any help would be much appreciated. I'm trying to develop realistic expectations so I dont end up frustrated with the field. No exaggerations please! I've already read a lot about medical students being cute fluffy animals and residents being the hyenas from lion king.
  5. Result: Accepted VFMP Geography: OOP Early or Regular Deadline: Regular Timestamp: 1:55PM EST GPA: ~92.3% EC's - Diverse and long term. MCAT: 516 Interview: 4 Qs were excellent, 2 Qs were good, 1 Q was poor, and the rest were mediocre. Writing station was mediocre as well. 3rd application cycle. 3rd interview. 1st acceptance. I'm excited to meet you all post C19! Stay safe everyone.
  7. Can anyone who has been waitlisted or accepted share what was said about final transcripts?
  8. A rumour started by me haha I just asked if the alphabet played a part. Doesnt look like it
  9. Does your last name start with an A/B/C/D by any chance?
  10. I'm sorry to hear that. As someone who has received a fair number of regrets, it feels like every R stings more than the last. Keep your head up. There's a reason you were interviewed in the first place, and you'll have more experience next year. I'm sending you two my best wishes!
  11. Judging by previous year's admissions, ~90-100 people in each interview weekend should receive an acceptance. 90-100/120 are great odds. I hope your guess is right! I'd probably guess around 150 myself.
  12. What's our best guess on how many people received panel invitations?
  13. Interesting take. I wonder if it's better to have 5 schools with <20% interview rates (and very little IP advantage) or 1 school with a >45% interview rate (and a huge IP advantage). I would personally rather reside in BC. I guess it could be subjective though.
  14. The percentages give you the information that you need. Your Score: 63-63.9 IP Cutoff: 52-52.9 OOP Cutoff: 63-63.9
  15. What did you do to maintain/improve your NAQ from one year to the next? Did you reuse any part of your application?
  16. Out of 5 people that I know of who interviewed at Queens in 2018, 1 got in right away, 2 got in off the waitlist (at the two week mark), and 2 got rejected outright. I thought this might help ease your anxiety
  17. I'd love to, PM me! I recieved interviews at Queens and UBC so I may be able to help.
  18. Here's to hoping there will be an edit below this sentence in two weeks. Result: Waitlist Timestamp: May 14 8:44AM GPA: 3.96 MCAT: 516 EC's: unique & long-term Geography: IP Year: Graduated 2018 Interview: Felt very good about 4 MMI stations. 1 station was rough though. I thought my panel was relatively good as well.
  19. Queens has a student breakdown of: 90 traditional, 10 QUarms, (up to) 5 armed forces, (up to) 5 international So they accepted 90 of the 500 interviewed. Last year they offered an acceptance to 94 more students.
  20. 184 people were given an offer last year. That's ~94 waitlist offers (+ people that removed themselves from the waitlist that were next in line) If only we knew how many people got waitlisted. No one has said that they got rejected so far
  21. I had a very.. unique panel. I dont really see how it could've gone exceptionally well. Here's to hoping the MMI is actually weighted more. Thanks for the input guys
  22. It seems like everyone that got accepted had a great panel. MMI didn't seem to matter as much. Does anyone that got accepted have any insight?
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