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  1. Do you know how well you did on it in the end? I hear Mac is weighting it even more this year - any inside info? Thx in advance
  2. Oh yeh - true of a lot of smaller cities/towns in southern Ontario :-/
  3. Just curious when you say stigma do you mean from faculty or your peers or both? Also do you think if you would have disclosed it it would have any consequences for your application processes? Thx in advance.
  4. Don't you have a stamped paper visa stapled into your passport as well? I think you get this the first time you enter Canada as a PR - that might work?
  5. That is reassuring, sometimes I feel like I am chasing my own mythical perfect applicant ghost figure :-(
  6. Does anyone know why Queens is so secretive, really frustrating!!!
  7. That's too funny - I hear those Korean Twitch streams can be quite addictive!!!
  8. Maybe, but what if it is filters people who get less stressed when they have 5 minutes to type 3 answers? I am always a little suspicious of these for profit assessments but maybe I am just a little to cynical. LOL
  9. Thanks for the recommendation - some good Youtube videos. :-)
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