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  1. KingKunta_chickenwings

    Reference letter regarding religious volunteering?

    I used a reference from a teacher at a private Islamic school I volunteered at. Didn't stop me from getting into multiple schools. Although, I didn't apply to Calgary. I've heard Alberta can be a little more... Picky (for lack of a better word). Just use your discretion. If you think it's the best letter you can get, maybe go for it. You just never know who's going to be reading your application and how they will respond.
  2. KingKunta_chickenwings

    In your experience, is it worth buying Doing Right?

    Nope. I bought it and it was a total waste for me. I probably just read 15 pages worth of cases. I had also already taken a bioethics course. I just looked up a few cases online too.
  3. KingKunta_chickenwings

    "One possible fix for Nova Scotia's ER closure problem — fewer ERs"

    Never worked or volunteered in an ER but have had my fair share of ER experiences with family in smaller towns (in a couple of provinces) . There were a couple of times where my family member would get taken to an ER, only to get transferred to a larger, better equipped ER. I always wondered why they didn't try to transport them to the more capable ER in the first place (assuming a patient can be adequately stabilized by the paramedics, I guess). So I guess in that sense I agree.
  4. KingKunta_chickenwings

    Chances?? (desperate)

    I'm fairly certain this is a troll post
  5. KingKunta_chickenwings

    Western Now Looking at ECs

    This is from their admission site: "we will be requiring applicants to complete an Abbreviated Autobiographical Sketch to help us determine who should be selected for interviews"
  6. KingKunta_chickenwings

    Western Now Looking at ECs

    Wow this is really interesting. I'm not sure what they mean by abbreviated sketch though, considering you're already only allowed 150 characters per entry lol. I think it has to do with the max number of entries, which I think is 32 for them based on this from the site: "In the PDF form on OMSAS, please link 4 to 8 of your experiences to each of the four core values listed. In each case, we ask that you list for us what you have learned and how the experience was or will be useful to your future career as a physician." This kind of ruins the super transparent process everyone appreciated from Western, which is a down side. But even though the ABS is subjective, and there's no perfect way to evaluate it, I don't think interview invites should be based solely on academic performance (gpa/mcat). Following this I don't think you can then base someone's nonacademic traits based solely on a single 45 minute standardized interview that contains fairly standard quesitons. I'm not sure how they used reference letters, and what the written assessment told them. I think they're smart in taking the ABS into account, since it gives more context to each applicant and who they are and what they've actually accomplished. It doesn't mean they need to give it a lot of weight to applicants profiles. And who knows, this change may result in mcat cut offs being lowered.
  7. FWIW I scored 128+ and I felt like I always had 1 or 2 quesitons per passage where I had to guess 50/50 between two answer choices.
  8. KingKunta_chickenwings

    OOP Chances

    I really want to echo what others are saying about adding interesting/fun things you wouldn't think belong on a med school app. I got accepted as OOP and had things like maintaining my fish tank, helping my brother deliver newspapers and hiking with my friends (all unstructured activities). Of course I dusted in some CanMEDS into the descriptions where I was able to.
  9. Maybe doing some self research to learn about a particular topic or skill?
  10. KingKunta_chickenwings

    Chances ?

    If I were you, I'd apply this round and see how things go. If unsuccessful, take a gap year next year to write the mcat and work part time.
  11. KingKunta_chickenwings

    3rd year applicant - is it worth it

    For what it's worth, I wish I applied in my 3rd year, and even my 4th year... . Just going through the application process makes it worth it alone, I'm sure you will learn a lot. Just try to not take any rejection too hard, since it's difficult to get in as a 3rd year.
  12. KingKunta_chickenwings

    Reference question

    I wouldn't call it a red flag, 2 months isn't that long but also is basically a summer of work. The schools probably perfer someone who has known you longer (and presumably knows you better) has written it. That said, get someone who YOU KNOW will write you the best letter. Content of the letter is the primary objective here, length of time they've known you is secondary.
  13. KingKunta_chickenwings

    Will this affect OSAP?

    Does owning or leasing a car or taking out a LOC impact how much osap you receive?
  14. KingKunta_chickenwings

    Physician political orientation

    Ah pm101, thank you for this very entertaining political debate. I especially liked the part where people felt the need to provide their credentials Anyways, back to the original quesiton at hand. I don't think the schools purposefully select one side of the political spectrum over the other. Whenever answering any essay or interview quesiton, you should always be balanced. Explore both sides of the situation and acknowledge the merits and short comings of each. But then you need to ultimately come to a decision, and we need to think about the principles that tend to guide that decision (beneficence, nonmaleficence, justice and autonomy, of course). When you look at something like beneficence, sometimes people need to sacrifice/be altruistic to benefit others, and in my mind this tends to align more with the left. It's about sacrificing some of what you have, for the benefit of everyone else. By cutting any social support program, are we harming others and breaching nonmaleficence? Maybe. Is not allowing someone to get married based on their sexual orientation breaching their autonomy and as it unjust? Probably. In my mind these medical principles tend to align with the left more so than the right, and that might be why it seems schools select for more left leaning individuals (not loonie lefties, but left leaning nonetheless) than right leaning ones. When you look at the role of physicians in society, is it to improve the health of the overall population? Or is it to heal people on an individual level. Both? If it's the former then physicians actually play a relatively small role. Factors such as education, income and employment have a much larger impact on the overall health of a population than access to health services. A lot of social support is needed to help some individuals to achieve the education, employment and income needed to be fruitful. If physicians are interested in promoting population health, then they would support social policies that promote equity in these domains. However, if the role of the physician is to only heal people on an individual level, then they should go to work, do the good deeds that they do there, go home and vote for whoever suits them best individually. We can never forget what makes the world go round, and that's money. NO ONE wants a large chunk of their paycheck taken away NO ONE. BUT some think it's worth the sacrifice for the social benefits everyone gets. Others think that's horse shit. You probably won't know which you are until you are making a real income.
  15. What's the better CC combo for Scotia: Momentum infinite + Amex gold Or Momentum infinite + Passport infinite