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  1. KingKunta_chickenwings

    not sure what to do - give up?

    Lmao you're looking much better than I was when I was in your position and I got 2 acceptances and 2 waitlists this cycle. If you can repeat what you did in your second year then your grades are fine. Don't worry about your first year, as mentioned above the majority of schools have different gpa calculations in place that can help overcome a crappy year. Just make sure you keep taking a full course load as this is often needed to apply these formulas. Your ECs are great too. Just keep up your involvement where you can and don't be afraid to further pursue personal passions and hobbies. Really your beast to tackle right now is the mcat. Don't sleep on it and really try your best. If you don't get the score you want, write it again. Once you get the score you need you will have everything in place. Carefully craft your app, practice your interviewing, and next thing ya know you'll get the outcome you are hoping for. Basically if this is really what you want then keep it up, and don't give up.
  2. KingKunta_chickenwings

    What colour backpacks will next year's class carry?

    The superior choice is clearly camouflage
  3. KingKunta_chickenwings

    Waitlist Support Thread 2018

    I'm OOP, headed to Mac. Wishing the best for everyone on the waitlist
  4. KingKunta_chickenwings

    Waitlist Support Thread 2018

    Just declined my offer, good luck everyone!
  5. KingKunta_chickenwings

    Need Critical Advice: What Are My Chances? PLEASE!

    From what you've posted, the weakest part of your app looks like your gpa to me. Have you considered a 5th year? Also the interview probably didn't end up going as well as you thought. Do you feel like you prepared and practiced a lot for the interview? Interview prep is probably the most *easily* modifiable component of the med admission process.
  6. KingKunta_chickenwings

    Religion in an Interview - Redflag?

    If it was me I would leave it ambiguous and say "religious group". It's a little more professional imo. I can't say if mentioning the specific religion would be a red flag, but I advise you don't take the risk on such a high stakes interview.
  7. KingKunta_chickenwings

    Religion in an Interview - Redflag?

    Like dinner parties, I would avoid politics and religion. Your interviewers certainly will not bring it up, and you really shouldn't either. For what purpose? If it's absolutely critical to mention it to showcase something stellar about yourself or for whatever reason, tread very lightly. You don't exactly have all day during your interview, I wouldn't use up your precious time delving into the practices of any specific religion. I don't think it'd be a "red flag" but it may be a poor use of your interview time and result in a subpar interview.
  8. KingKunta_chickenwings

    U of T vs. MacMed

    Thank you for this. I've been flip flopping a lot back and forth these past few days, and I think I'll end up choosing the 3 year program. Just seems like it's better for my situation overall. Thank you again!
  9. KingKunta_chickenwings

    sexual assault and "stigma" in med school apps

    I think taking a negative experience and being able to turn it into something as positive as you did is something that is really amazing. If you do decide to include it consider being ambiguous such as saying something like "a negative personal experience lead me to found...etc." or something along those lines. I will echo what others have said here to be mindful of limited character count. Your goal is to showcase CanMEDS traits so be sure to focus on that.
  10. KingKunta_chickenwings

    U of T vs. MacMed

    How critical is it to choose a 3 yr program over a 4 year one? I have the option of going to a 3 year one that's close to my social support network and where I see myself doing residency vs. A 4 year program very very very far from my network.
  11. KingKunta_chickenwings

    Don't know what to do

    Thank you everyone for your input! I really appreciate everyone's comments here. @Persephone Thank you! It was a good idea to take a look at the actual curriculum. I like how UBC's curriculum looks much better, and I think that it's better suited for me. @RainbowKitten Congrats on your offers! I get where you're coming from. I've seen on here that slightly older students tend to lean towards the 3 year program. But then again it is not exactly easy to uproot yourself. I wish you the best in making your decision! @FlameGrilledChicken Congrats on your offers as well! Your points about staying in BC make good sense. @Edict @Bambi Thanks for the insight. Everything has me leaning towards UBC, mainly the extra time in a 4 year program and benefits associated with this, being on a main campus, opportunity to make great new friends and the fact that the province seems like an amazing place to live. The only things I'm concerned about are a) being in a large class size. I'm definitely someone who thrives in smaller groups, but I get the sense that the large group tends to break up into smaller ones as the school year starts (things like tutorials, small group learning, everyone finding their social group). The other thing I'm worried about is cost of living. I know that I'll be able to pay for everything with a line of credit but it worries me to be in so much debt. I'm sure I'll be able to pay it off eventually but something about being in a large amount of debt bothers me. It's mainly psychological though, and comes from the fact that I come from a very low income background. But this is something I'm going to have to just accept I suppose, no matter where I end up going. Overall I'm heavily leaning towards UBC. @FlameGrilledChicken @RainbowKitten if you guys are at VFMP and end up accepting it we might be classmates!
  12. KingKunta_chickenwings

    Don't know what to do

    Hi all, I'm from Ontario and have been lucky enough to receive two offer of admissions this year. One from McMaster for the Waterloo campus (not my first choice) and one from UBC for the Vancouver campus. I don't know which one to accept. I don't know what type of specialty I want to do yet, and I've heard if that's the case then 3 year programs like Mac aren't a good choice. I'm also not thrilled about being at the Waterloo campus. However it is pretty close to home which is a plus. Vancouver is a beautiful place and ubc is a great campus. I like that it's 4 years which will give me time to do a little more exploring for what I want to do. But I'm worried about the cost of living there and the fact that it's far from my family and that I have 0 connections out there. Not even a friend of a friend of a friend lol. One other lesser thing on my mind is that if I accept ubc and not McMaster then I can remain on Western's waitlist (I'm SWOMEN and would perfer to stay in London/do a 4 yr program). I mean this is not really shaping my desicison but it's something. Can anyone give any insight into which they think is a better program /what other things I should consider?
  13. My email had neither of those phrasings. It basically just said "you're on the waitlist". So I just assume that's "normal" waitlist
  14. TIME STAMP: 3:25pm EST Result: Accepted to VFMP (first choice) Early or Regular Deadline: Regular AGPA: ~89% (?) MCAT: 519 ECs: posted somewhere on here. Msg if interested. Geography: OOP. Interview: My first ever medical school interview, and first of 5 this year. Honestly thought it went okay, not that great. Essay went well though. Wow I'm honestly so shocked to get this acceptance. From the moment I hit submit to this application in September I thought it was a bust for sure. Was even surprised to get an interview. I have one other offer for an Ontario school so not sure what I'm going to do yet.
  15. KingKunta_chickenwings

    Decision day

    Any OOP hear anything yet?