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  1. that one took a little while to update for me
  2. Consider yourself lucky then. Are you OOP? Which site are you at?
  3. Mine is also not available yet. I thought we had to be registered in courses first, which won't be until July 2nd.
  4. Queens has a cutoff for the MCAT that changes year to year and is never released, and I don’t think a 503 will cut it unfortunately. You can apply if you have the money but your chances are pretty slim. However, your stats look good for Mac!
  5. Do 3 year programs get the same colour or the year before?
  6. Just to make sure you've responded to their offer.
  7. It should be emailed/texted to you.
  8. Itanne

    pharmD to MD switch?

    If you don't want to take the MCAT then uOttawa is your only option in Ontario. They have a GPA cutoff of 3.85 for an interview in the English stream. This is still possible for you if you do extremely well in your final 2 years of pharmacy school because uOttawa weighs more recent years heavier, and only consider your most recent 3 years (so your undergrad GPA won't matter if you apply after you finish pharmacy school).
  9. Itanne

    Application timeline

    I don't think OMSAS opens until July 2018!
  10. It varies school to school. IIRC, it should be okay with most schools - you should check on MSAR (or school website) to make sure it's okay with the schools you're planning to apply to.
  11. Yes that should be it! I didn't get any confirmation emails. I think as long as the status on OAS has changed you're good to go
  12. Holding onto multiple offers or waiting to decline?
  13. Nah i accepted Ubc but I’m waiting til next week to decline other school. Some people even hold multiple offers apparently
  14. Itanne

    Carrying two acceptances

    I'm not sure if this means much or if it's just a tactic that's used to scare us, but at the bottom of UofT's acceptance email it says "Candidates are permitted to hold one acceptance to a Canadian medical school. The medical schools in Canada share acceptance information, and holding more than one position will jeopardize your admission."