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  1. This happened last year too, guys, and it's all good. It won't ever change to green.
  2. Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but doesn't that mean that in LAST cycle, 19 of the spots were people who had deferred from the year before?
  3. Bonus! I hadn't worked that out in my head yet Just gained an hour of travel time! Thanks
  4. Another fact to consider: there is a one hour time difference going to Saskatoon (SK is later than AB). As for driving, it's hard to say since we don't know what the weather will be like. But definitely try to change your interview time to 8am either way. You either need time to drive or time to deal with getting to the airport/hotel. No need to have extra stress in your life at this point in time!
  5. I do a lot of tutoring (not volunteer) and use an accountant for my business claims and taxes, etc. I used my accountant on my application to verify my hours. But a parent would probably be the next choice you have?
  6. I agree that the change in requirements led to the lower number of IP applicants compared to previous year. This ends up skewing the data. 2016 was back down to 43% (acceptance rate of IP applicants) and 2017 went down to 30%. I'm pretty sure that number will only go down in 2018 as the trend seems to be going that way (numbers of IP applicants increasing toward original numbers before 4 year degree requirement).
  7. Did they say how many AAP spots they would be giving next cycle? I'm wondering how many other IP spots would be left after OOP and AAP.
  8. I think that would be OK from their wording. They could go through emails and fix anything that came through before the deadline?
  9. I had this exact same problem with my Mac (using Safari). Freaked me out for a few minutes! The log-in page said something about Google Chrome, so I used that instead and it worked fine. Glad you got it in
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