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  1. Rejected Geography: IP  cGPA/wGPA: 3.90 MCAT: 518 CARS: 132 Degree : BSc General Biology  EC's: Played university basketball for five years and a variety of other sports throughout high school. Volunteered abroad at a variety of locations and travelled fairly extensively. Volunteered in my community with Special Olympics, the local hospital, and at a variety of smaller events with my basketball team. Work extensively with my family business. No research other than a few school projects that don't count. Interview: Thought it went fairly well, but as I have found out from the previous 6 times I have interviewed (primarily at UBC & Queens over 3 years) it obviously did not. I think I may have to change my personality, or just start to fake being someone else. Just being yourself doesn't appear to work! Anyways I'm just a bit discouraged, probably being a bit dramatic. It appears that they may have made a mistake and released the emails too early? There has been no communication from the school's side saying they were going to release and giving people over a month to decide seems very unusual. On top of that, I cannot see my stats which the email says I should be able to. Interesting...... Congrats to everyone that was accepted or waitlisted today, you made it!!!
  2. Have to agree, was interviewed and waitlisted for the last 2 cycles but rejected pre-interview this year. At this point I don't think I will be applying to Queens again; there is no clear information on whether it is worth the thousands of dollars that I have spent on flights/ application fees the past 2 years (I live in BC). On the bright side we won't have to be checking our emails all summer long waiting for an invite that never comes!
  3. Result: Regrets Time Stamp: Jan 31. 2:57 PM Interview Date: N/A wGPA/cGPA: 3.94/ 3.88 Year: Gap Year MCAT: 518 (129/132/130/127) ECs: CIS athlete, hospital volunteering, Special Olympics volunteer, Travel, Volunteering Abroad, etc. No research. Geography: OP After being waitlisted by Queens for the past 2 years I assume the writing is on the wall now. Good luck to all of you that got interviews.
  4. Hello all, Just wondering if any other prospective U of C students have been having difficulties with submitting their applications? For the past 2 weeks or so I have been unable to pay my fee and submit due to an apparent technical glitch in UCAN. Is there anyone else getting this glitch or is it just me? I emailed the technical help and I was told that it was a known glitch that would be resolved within the next few days, but that was nearly 2 weeks ago......
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