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  1. Could you please provide link to the announcement? I am unable to find the update anywhere!
  2. Hi guys, When I was 15 I was charged with committing a crime: Theft under $5000. I was caught shoplifting. I was young and immature and had unrealistic expectations of the world - but through the incident, I had a huge paradigm shift, and got focused on a career in medicine. I went through the Youth Criminal Justice Act and never got a criminal record but had to do community service etc. This is definitely one of my real TOP 10 Experiences - because I became a very different person after that. But I don't know about including this in my top 10s for my application on the count of being looked upon badly or giving off a bad first impression. On one hand, I think talking about such an experience and how I have grown since could make me stand out from the thousands of other applicants in the pool who are exactly like me. On the other hand, it is a crime and people who do get criminal records have a lot of trouble finding jobs - so it may immediately get me thrown out of the list. What are your thoughts? Pls. HALP
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